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By Fr. Jaroslav Vracovský, SDB, SC delegate, Mongolia

       12 May 2022 - EAO via Zoom - The Social Communications Online School of Formation commenced its Second Layer of the School of Formation for the Social Communication delegates, Social Communication teams and members of the Salesian Family.

       It was established last year by Fr. Gildasio Mendes, SDB, General Councillor for Social Communications, to provide updating and formation to SocCom teams. The first phase consisted of speakers and resource persons from the Generalate in Rome. In this second phase, Social Communications experts from the EAO region share their knowledge and skills.

       At this session, Fr. Jaroslav Vracovsky, SDB, SocCom Delegate - Mongolia, presented his session entitled "Art of listening in a communication process". This topic is closely connected with the message of Pope Francis for the 56th World day of social communications “Listening with the ear of the heart”.

       In the 1st part we were reminded about the long term history of World days of social communication, which started after Vatican Council II in 1967 by Pope Paul VI. This day is celebrated on Sunday before Pentecost, this year May 29, 2022. Pope Francis’ message for this Day is about listening – not to be inwardly deaf, but to be able to listen to God and people around us.

       In the 2nd part we had the possibility to evaluate our own listening skills in an on-line questionnaire with results and recommendations for improvement.

       The 3rd part was focused on “active listening” and basic skills necessary for it.

       And in the 4th part we had the possibility to practice these listening skills in small groups. All the sessions were concluded by an on-line competition about active listening done in

       Let us celebrate the coming World Day of Social Communication and let us grow in capacity of listening. This could be the best gift to the people around us.












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  • Jacklin Albert 2022.08.16 17:07

    I found the online school of formation very helpful. It gave me a good grounding in the principles of social communications. The teaching was clear and concise, and the testing methodology was very helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn more about social communications. You can also make such online programs and websites from web development services they are the best alternative. 

  • Mara 2022.11.17 00:13

    I learned a lot from the online school of formation. It taught me a lot about how to communicate with other people. The lessons were clear and to the point, and the way they were tested was very helpful. I would tell anyone who wants to learn more about social communications to take this course. You can also use web design UK to make these kinds of online programs and websites. They are the best alternative.

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