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VocTok team moderating the EAO SF Spirituality Days

By EAO Salesian Family Coordinating Group

       EAO (The Philippines), 19 January 2022 -- On 14-15 January, the whole of the EAO region enjoyed their 2 hour of the SF Spirituality Days (online) for the second time. This year with a surprise trio of moderators. Fr. Jay David (FIN) was joined by two young people - Diego and Patricia. Indeed the whole team in Canlubang (Philippines) was composed of 6 members, three of them behind the scene 'driving' the digital side of this live streaming. Their names: Ms Charlene Regulacion, Diego Contreras, Patricia Batalon, Celine Acosta, Alruz Alasanis with Fr. Jay David (FIN province level vocation promoter). Already before the pandemic in 2020 the FIN province had re-launched their vocation ministry and during the lockdown period a 'VocTok' - regular vocation talk-show - was launched, led by Fr Jay with team of young people (FB: Salesian Vocation FIN; 7754 followers).

       We asked these young people about their experience during the EAO SF broadcasting last week:

       You are part of the VocTok team. How does this experience enrich your personal Christian and Salesian - Bosconian journey?

       Being part of the Salesian Family, I was able to connect with the roots of this community. I was able to gain knowledge about the very start of the Salesians and their connection to St Francis De Sales. As members of the VocTok team, the event provided us with an excellent opportunity to listen to and learn from all of the presenters. We believed that all we'd have to do was prepare, operate, and be the emcees for this large event, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it deepened our personal experience as Bosconians and VocTok members. This is a fantastic opportunity for us, and we are grateful for it. And we feel that with the aid of our Lord, Mary Help of Christians, and Don Bosco, this experience will greatly assist us in improving our ministry.

       Last week you served thousands of SF members around the world. What struck you during the two EAO SF spirituality day sessions?

       The thing that struck me the most, and which I will never forget, was when we joined the Salesian Family, and Fr. Andrew Wong said that the first step is to think about what we can give rather than what we can gain. Bread and the afterlife: This is what our mission is all about: assisting young people in discovering their life's calling. We are extremely fortunate to be a part of this event.

       Feel free to share any other of your wishes, dreams with the large Salesian Family in our Region?

       I wish that the Salesian Family will continue its successful mission to the youth and to every community in the world. We hope that the Salesian Family as a whole will continue Don Bosco's outstanding work. To work together so that we can aid more young people, as Don Bosco intends. Work for the young, and live for the young.! Thank you very much. Thank you for this wonderful chance! VocTok will always be grateful and will support the Salesian Family in their endeavors!


       The 6 Online sessions of the 40th SF Spirituality Days are still available on the SF-EAO Channels in 8 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Tetum, Thai, Mongolian and Vietnamese. At present with some 15,000 views on all 8 SF-EAO channels













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