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       World, 8 January 2022 -- Every January is called a 'Salesian Month' due to the large number of Salesian Family Saints from 8 January to the end of the month:

  • January 8: Blessed Martyr Titus Zeman (Martyr of Vocations)
  • January 15: Blessed Luis Variara (Founder of the first SF religious congregation)
  • January 22: Blessed Laura Vicuña (Fruit of the first Missions in Argentina)
  • January 24: Saint Francis de Sales
  • (January 30: Blessed Bronislaw Markiewic, which falls on a Sunday this year, so 'bows' to the Lord, so to speak)
  • January 31: Saint John Bosco

       Every year this month is a good opportunity to get know some more of our 170+ Salesian Family Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and Servants of God. This month is a good chance to pray to them, to make them known and to imitate them in some specific aspect of their spirituality.Do not be afraid to aim higher, to let yourself be loved and free from God. Sanctity is a permanent family heritage. Ours is a story full of saints, many of them young!

       There are many suitable and simple means for making this month more meaningful, so take some of the following in hand:

  • Short Biographies (recent book of Fr Pierluigi Cameroni) 'Come le stelle del cielo' (Like the stars of heaven)
  • Salesian Family Liturgy (with short presentation of our Saints)
  • Website ( or
  • Website ( but especially the 'Salesian Holiness' section)
  •  Salesian Postulation Annual Report (Dossier)

       In the formation course for the new provincials Fr Cameroni points to the following pastoral and education inspiration from our holy Family members: GET KNOW our Saints - learn from them how to follow Jesus as a missionary, as religious, as priest, as bishop, as sick, as parent or as teenager PRAY TO our Saints - through their intercession ask a miracle, get their help in needs and give thanks for their shining Gospel witness IMITATE our Saints - their motivation to become saints and give an example of evangelical and virtuous life to others.

       Wishing you a joy-filled, happy and holy month of January 2022!



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