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By Br. Andrew Tran Le Phuong, SDB

       Ulanbaatar - Mongolia, 4 January 2022 -- Ms Mungunbolor graduated from Don Bosco Technical Institute in Ulanbaatar and since 2011 has been working in the school Administration. After graduation, she worked as the assistant in the library and in 2013, the Salesians sponsored her University studies, majoring in Mongolian Linguistics and Mongolian Traditional script. Since this ancient script is not used anymore in daily life it was quite a challenging time, specially in writing. She spent many nights practising writing with a lot of patience Finally Ms Mungunbolor graduated from the University in 2017. And last December 2021 she organized an exhibition on the traditonal Mongolian script.

       What motivated you to do this?

       With my gratitude to the Salesians who allowed and sponsored me to study, I organized an exhibition on Mongolian traditional writing in the Don Bosco Technical Institute after 3 months of restless work on the words of St Paul (1 Corinthians 13:4–8, Rom 10: 14-17), the words of Don Bosco in art. 14 of the Salesian constitutions: For you I study….and some other good words that I wanted to use to convey some messages to those who visited my exhibition, especially the students in the school. I am not a Catholic but I felt these words are very powerful messages that people nowadays need to know.

       What nourishes your passion for traditional Mongolia culture and script?

       Working as the Purchasing officer in the school, I have never stopped practising to improve skills and technique in writing Mongolian Script. It is our Mongolian treasure that need to be preserved.

       How did this recent exhibition come to life?

       August, 2021, the Ministry of Culture, the Government Implementing Agency for Culture and Arts, the City Education Department, the Mongolian Children's Art Center, Literacy and education center supporting organization for Million trees NFT organized a group of Mongolian language teachers in public secondary schools to join together to rewrite the Secret History of Mongolia in traditional calligraphy. There were about 80 teachers. I was the only teacher who comes from a technical school after I passed the skill test. I feel happy with my presence among them because I can learn from them, besides, they know more about Don Bosco school in Mongolia through me.

       Writing the Secret history of Mongolia is not easy, right?

       Every day after working hours, during Saturday and Sunday, I went to the place where we all gather together for writing. During those days, I was very tired because there was no time for rest. After coming back from writing, I have to take care of my son. Additionally, my whole family got Covid virus, my son got severe covid in October, and had to stay in the hospital for almost 10 days. However, I have never thought of giving up writing the book. Therefore, after completing the work with all other 80 teachers, I felt very proud of myself. The Secret History of Mongolia was written in 3 forms: First in a scroll 60 meters long - the most spectacular achievement, then a wall-size panel 3.2 x 4 meter and finally a 50 page book (big size)

       Besides, I have contributed personally to this exhibition with a chapter of the History of Mongolia describing something about Chinggis Khan and with the words of Don Bosco: For you I study, for you I work, for you I live and for you, I am ready even to give my life.

       What would you like to share with other fellow Past Pupils around the World?

       There are words that are very simple but really powerful fertilizers: words of love and gratitude. If you don’t say them, people may not know how much you own them for who you are now. Therefore, don’t miss saying warm words to your family, loved ones, friends, and everyone around you. That warm word of love comes from the bottom of your heart.

       Just as everyone strives for success, I struggle within myself every day to achieve my dreams. There are so many things to think about in the future. I hope I can reach that one day. Therefore, don't waste time, do whatever you can, share what you have; dream and feel your dream right now. The little heart that beats for you may not be able to carry it all the time; therefore, grasp them and do not delay.

       Thank you to Don Bosco and the Salesians for giving me a dream and helping me to make my dream come true."





















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