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By Cl. Paul Dungca, SDB

       EAO, 7 October 2021 (Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, 3 PM, GMT 8+) -- In the event dubbed “International Youth Rosary,” nine countries gathered together to pray the holy rosary to honor our Lady.

       It was joined by priests, sisters, brothers, and young people. Almost 180 people joined the Zoom Meeting, while others participated via Online Stream. The activity was spearheaded by young people who likewise lead the rosary using their respective native languages.

       They were: Inviolata Coo (Indonesia) - Introductory prayers in Bahasa Indonesia, Maria Vicky Bautista (Australia) led the 1st Mystery in English, Phuong Trinh (VIE) for the second mystery in Vietnamese. In Filipino, John Paul Almerez led the third moment. The fourth was in Tetum by Pedrosa Guterres (East Timor). Barbara Moe Pwint Phyu (MYM) led the fifth mystery in Burmese, with the same language, N Min Htun from Myanmar concluded the rosary. The participants responded in English.

       A reflection on the power of the Holy Rosary was given by Fr. Dennis Paez, SDB after the second mystery. “The rosary is not just a prayer, it is a weapon, a very powerful weapon,” said Fr. Dennis. Fr. Jerome Quinto, SDB, gave the final blessing at the end.

       The entire activity was spearheaded by D’Word (, an online apostolate of the Seminaryo ng Don Bosco.

       Photos by: Sr. Janis Aguirre, FMA, Br. Jojo Valenzuela, SDB and N Min Htun (MYM-Youth)









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