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By Tetere Parish member

       Tetere Solomon Islands, 11 July 2021 -- The Salesisn Parish Christ the King, Tetere, celebrated 43 Independence Day celebrations at DBRTC Grounds on 7th July. This is one of the first of a kind celebrations organised by the parishnors for the people of North Guadalcanal province. All 16 Christian communities came together at Don Bosco to thank the Lord for the gift of independence and the real freedome we enjoy. The parishnors all in their traditional attire celebrated the Cultural Mass with cultural dances, traditional hymns, bamboo flutes and drums. The solemn Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Casper Charles, Rector of DBTI Henderson. In his sermon he told the people about the meaning of true freedome.

       In the introductory note our parish priest Fr. Robinson reminded the people about the importance of celebrating the freedom and cultural heritage. He told them the reasons why we have to thank God.

​​​​​​​       This is a day to thank God for the political and religious freedom we enjoy and to pray for God’s special blessings on the rulers and the people of our country.

​​​​​​​       It is a day to remember with gratitude the founding fathers of our democratic republic, especially, Sir Peter Kenilorea, Bartholomew Unifalu, Paul Toua, Prime Minister Manasseh Songevare, and other ministers and the and those who wrote the Constitution.

​​​​​​​       We believe that all power, including political power, came from God and was given to the people who entrusted this power to their elected leaders.

​​​​​​​       It is a day to remember and pray for all our brave soldiers, members of the police force, public servants all those who make the supreme sacrifice of their lives to keep this country a safe and a free country, and for those who are now engaging in the eradication of Corona virus.

​​​​​​​       It is day to remind ourselves that we have a duty to protect these God-given rights by voting into power leaders who believe in God and who have character, integrity, experience, and strong belief in inalienable human rights.

​​​​​​​       It is day to pray for and work for liberation for all those who are still slaves in our free country – slaves to evil habits and addictions to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, pornography, promiscuity, and sexual aberrations.

​​​​​​​       It is a day to take a pledge to become recommitted to doing something about our own growth in Christ, and to living as Solomon Islands who contribute something to our religion, Church, country, and the lives of others.

​​​​​​​       It is a day to offer our country and all its citizens on the altar of God, asking for our ongoing conversion and for His special providential care, protection and blessings.

​​​​​​​       After the Eucharist all marched to the main arena for the flag hoisting ceremony. The Police and Correctional centre offices led the March and carried the flag of Solomon Islands and hoisted with pride and enthusiasm.

​​​​​​​       Our Parish Chairman Mr. Moses Tate welcomed all citizens for the program. Our guests of the day, Paramount chief Mr. John Seketala of the Guadalcanal province and Mr. Alfred Lova another chief, women rep Mrs.

​​​​​​​       Kathey and our parish priest Fr. Robinson Parappilly delivered speeches stressing the importance of true freedome and passing over the culture to younger generations.

​​​​​​​       Different cultural groups performed traditional dances and songs and orchestra and entertained the people. Almost 15 young people participated in the Mr. and Miss Tetere contest and made the event meaningful by explaining their traditional dress and culture. It was really a cultural bonanza.












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