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Tireless creativity of Br Paul Li

       Salesian Missionary House, Hong Kong, 2 February 2021 -- Just one month after the wonderful COVID-19 pandemic-struggle-inspired Christmas Crib, Br. Pau Li (86 years old) with his team was able to share another wonderful gift for the Feast of Saint John Bosco. In the portico of the formation house there is now a very lively large decoration on the last (5th) missionary dream of Don Bosco (Barcelona, April 9-10,1886).

       The video narrative by Brother Paul and his large 'dream landscape' helps everybody understand the content of this Don Bosco global mission dream, with the line from Valparaiso (Chile) through the heart of Africa, Madagascar and India up to the heart China.

       The whole 'dream landscape' is (as usual) suspended in the air, thus offering a large space for the visitors to get involved in this dream story and understand the world-wide missionary heart of our Father and Founder Don Bosco.

       We give thanks to Brother Paul Li for his tireless effort to share the Salesian charism and the heart of Don Bosco every year with renewed creativity and artistic touch. Viva Don Bosco Missionary!

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