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By our own correspondent

EAO, 28 November 2020 -- The last of the 8 Guidelines for the Salesian Congregation after GC28, shared by Fr Angel F. Artime, our Rector Major (AGC 433, p 49-51) is about the 'sustainable future' cry of our young people. His introduction is quite strong: 'We recognize that the focus on a sustainable future is a cultural conversion, not a fashion, and like any other conversion needs to be strongly called by its new name'.

The Don Bosco Green Alliance was born two years ago from the grass-root enthusiastic action of some SDBs and young people and has now spread to 68 countries and 368 Don Bosco works and organizations.

We read from the GC28 Guideline n.8:

"Listening to the worldwide cry of so many young people today, WE SALESIANS COMMIT ourselves to BEING CREDIBLE WITNESSES, personally and as a community, of CONVERSION in caring for Creation and Ecological Spirituality (Laudato Si, 217).


  • Every province in the world will respond, through the Provincial Delegate for Youth Ministry, to the request to make our schools, education centres, university campuses, oratories, parishes, educational models of care for the environment and for nature. As a Salesian option in education we must include action on behalf of creation: care for nature, climate and sustainable development.
  • As far as possible, let us expand the network of Salesian institutions to be included in the Don Bosco Green Alliance, fostering the participation of the young in global campaigns on behalf of the sustainability of environmental and ecological causes for the care of creation and human life.
  • Let us accept the request made to GC28 by the Salesian Conference on Renewable Energy in November 2019, that the Congregation undertake to achieve 100% of renewable energy for all provinces around the world before 2032. Even though the reality of the Congregation is quite disparate across different countries, we accept this challenge in collaboration with the Provinces’ PDOs, Salesian NGOs, the DBN."

It's interesting that our GC26 (2008) didn't speak at all about an environment mission or ecology movement. Already 6 years later the GC27 (2014) put the environment cause timidly within the context of 'Servants of the Young' - ...going out to the periphery, we need to move to an active and enthusiastic presence among the young... starting with a social perspective, just one simple suggestion (GC27: 73.6): 'Sensitising communities and the young to respect for creation, educating them to ecological responsibility through concrete activities which safeguard the environment and sustainable development.'

Where are you now on this 'conversion path?' The EAO Don Bosco Green Alliance is looking for enthusiastic Salesians, Youth, SF members or Lay mission partners who could give their contribution to this movement There are still many EAO Salesian communities, schools or other institutions who are not aware of this wonderful movement.

If you would like to help, please, contact the EAO DBGA Coordinator, Ms. Taichi Miranda ( We are also looking for enthusiastic representatives from each of the 12 EAO provinces and 6 delegations. Would you like to help?

For any DBGA friends there is a simple Advent Calendar 2020, as a good opportunity for taking some small steps in this cultural conversion!

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