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World, 22 September 2020 -- Today, 22 September, we celebrate the Feast of 95 Blessed Spanish Salesian Martyrs (beatification 2001 and 2007) from three provinces of Madrid, Seville and Valencia: 38 Salesian Priests, 25 Salesian Brothers, 2 sub-deacons, 20 clerics, 3 aspirants, 3 Salesian Cooperators, 2 FMA, 2 lay mission partners. They comprise three SDB province groups, were killed in 1936: 42 Martyrs of Madrid, 21 of Seville and 32 from Seville.

Blessed Salesian Martyrs of Spain, pray for us!

Salesian Priests:

Enrico Saiz Aparicio,

Salvatore Fernández,

Sabino Hernández,

Felice González,

Germano Martín,

Giuseppe Villanova,

Michele Lasaga,

Andrea Jiménez,

Andrea Gómez,

Pio Conde,

Antonio Torrero,

Antonio Mohedano,

Emmanuele Gomez,

Michele Molina,

Enrico Canut,

Felice Paco,

Francesco Míguez,

Antonio Pancorbo,

Emmanuele Fernández,

Pablo Caballero,

Antonio Fernández,

Giuseppe Limón,

Joseph Calasanz,

José Batalla Parramón

José Bonet Nadal

Jaime Bonet Nadal

Antonio María Martín Hernández

Sergio Cid Pazo

Juan Martorell Soria

Julio Junyer Padern

Recaredo de los Ríos Fabregat

Francisco Bandrés Sánchez

Julián Rodríguez Sánchez

José Otín Aquilué

José Castell Camps

José Giménez López

Alvaro Sanjuán Canet

José Caselles Moncho

Salesian Brothers:

Matteo Garolera,

Dionisio Ullívarri,

Nicola de la Torre,

Pablo Gracia,

Valentino Gil,

Giovanni Codera,

Giovanni M. Celaya,

Francesco G. Martín,

Emilio Arce,

Raimondo Eirín,

Anastasio Garzón,

Stefano Vázquez,

Eliodoro Ramos,

Antonio Cid,

José Rabasa Bentanachs,

Angel Ramos Velázquez,

Gil Rodicio Rodicio,

Jaime Buch Canals,

Agustín García Calvo,

Eliseo García García,

Jaime Ortiz Alzueta,

Stefano García,

Raffaele Rodríguez,

Giuseppe Blanco.

Tommaso Alonso Sanjuán.


Carmelo Pérez,

Onorio Hernández


Stefano Cobo,

Teodulo González,

Emmanuele Martín,

Virgilio Edreira,

Giusto Juanes,

Pietro Artolozaga,

Francesco Edreira,

Emmanuele Borrajo,

Vittoriano Fernández,

Pasquale de Castro,

Giovanni Larragueta,

Luigi Martínez,

Florenzio Rodríguez,

Miguel Domingo Cendra,

Félix Vivet Trabal,

Pedro Mesonero Rodríguez,

Felipe Hernández Martínez,

Zacarías Abadía Buesa,

Javier Bordas Piferrer,

Giovanni Luigi Hernández;


Federico Cobo,

Igino de Mata,

Tommaso Gil,

Layman-mission partners:

Juan de Mata

Alexandro Planas Saurí

Salesian cooperators:

Donna Teresa Cejudo

Bartolomeo Blanco

Antonio Rodríguez.

Salesian Sisters (FMA):

Maria Carmen Moreno Benítez

Maria Amparo Carbonell Muñoz

Prayer -

Almighty and eternal God,

who gave to the priests and martyrs

Blessed Joseph Calasanz and Henry Sáiz,

and their companions martyrs

the grace to share in the passion of Christ,

come to the aid of our weakness;

and as they did not hesitate to die for you,

grant also to us that we may live courageously in confessing your name.

Through Our Lord Jesus Christ your Son,

who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God for ever and ever.

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