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Best wishes from Pope Francis for the New Lunar Year 2020

By our own correspondent

EAO 25 January 2020 -- In most of the East Asian countries, the Lunar New Year celebrations are of utmost importance, being celebrated as the Spring Festival this year on 25 January under a variety of names: TET (Vietnam), SEOLLAL (Korea), LUNAR NEW YEAR, SPRING FESTIVAL, CHINESE NEW YEAR. In all countries of South East Asia with a sizeable percentage of Chinese ethnic population in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines (5% of the Filipinos are Tsinoys), Malaysia, Singapore and other countries this feast is celebrated with many specific traditions, customs - especially bringing extended families together.

Our wish is that all EAO Salesian confreres and Salesian Family members spend these days around the 2020 New Lunar Year with a Christian meaning, to take time to talk to their families and visit some friends in need, to find a good time for listening also to Jesus.

For some confreres who are living with young people without any solid family background, these days are quite demanding. This year the vicinity of Don Bosco Feast day on 31 January makes the Lunar New Year a special time for the Salesian Family coming together and give thanks.

Pope Francis during the last Wednesday general audience mentioned in a special way all people who celebrate the Lunar New Year. While cordially wishing people a New Year, Pope Francis expressed his hope "...That families will become more welcoming and hospitable, full of wisdom and mutual respect for each person and respecting the whole creation. Moreover the Holy Father invited all to pray also for the peace, solidarity among the nations - so much needed in our present situation."

What is your 2020 New Year Prayer?

  • Youtube Wishes of Pope Francis for the 2020 Lunar New Year

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