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By Nigel Akuani

Port Moresby, PNG, 14 August 2019 -- Students at Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS), commemorated the life of a young saint, Blessed Bartolomé Blanco, in a musical performed in Gabutu on 14 August.

The celebration had as its theme: ‘Holiness for You Too - A Saint’s Life and Love’. A range of items were presented by the students that depicted the life story of the Saint. Items ranged from modern contemporary dances, singing and acting. The theme proclaimed that holiness, is a call that is meant for all, both young and old, men and women.

DBTS Rector, Fr Savio Angelo Sanchez SDB, highlighted the significance and similarities of Blessed Bartolome Blanco with the young people of today. “He was a Salesian Cooperator, and like many of our youths, he too was an energetic young man with dreams for his future. Like many youngsters today, he also had to face the painful reality of a broken family,” he said.

The school’s Principal, Mr Martin Da,i explained the need for more young people to practise being holy. “Our young students and youths today are being threatened and are getting pulled away from Holiness with ideas of modernization and westernization,” he stated. “We as animators and adults have a moral and Christian responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of our young ones as they look up to us for guidance”, he added.

A Teacher and Instructor Mr Narol Sapak, said that the students worked extremely hard to make it a successful one. “The day focused on holiness and I certainly hope that the students, youths and everyone else learn from the presentations given here today,” said Mr Sapak.

The musical event had over 300 actors, singers, dancers and stage hands. Ms Rica Lavilla together with a dedicated team of staff members worked hard to put together the production. The last item had students proudly marching up to sing and dance to their school’s patronal song ‘Wantok Bosco’. Joining the audience were Salesian Priests, teachers, students, family and friends.

The lively entertainment came to a close by lunch with light refreshments provided to all those present.

On Thursday 15 August, DBTS held its School Mass in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, and its Cultural Expo takes place today, Friday 16 August.











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