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By Mr. Niel Evangelista
Asia-Oceania GEX regional councilor
and Br. Dominic Nam
SDB World Delegate for Don Bosco Past Pupils
(Don Bosco Past Pupils World Confederation)

Video meeting Rome-Vietnam-Asia-Oceania, 21 July 2020 -- Another EAO online meeting has been held this month, with a focus on GEX (Young Don Bosco Past Pupils) animation. The World Delegate for Past Pupils of Don Bosco, Br. Dominic Nam (based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Mr. Niel A. Evangelista (Asia-Oceania Regional Councilor for the GEX) with his fellow disciple Mr. Andre Launio (EAO observer to the GC28 at Valdocco, March 2020) - both based in Manila (Philippines) and Fr Vaclav, based in Rome at Sacro Cuore.

Almost one month after the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco (24 June) the newly appointed Delegate and Alumni GEX Regional councilor assisted by other two participants explored four points of the agenda with respective resolutions and actions in the near future:

  • Foster the communication between the Asia-Oceania Regional Councilor and the respective 23 (=dream number!) National Federations within the EAO region
  • Presentation of the first draft of the 'Manual of Provincial delegate for Don Bosco Alumni' (ed. 2020) and appreciate best practices in particular
  • Reflection on how to involve more young Past Pupils (GEX) in local centre activities (Laudato Si' attraction)
  • Sharing on the needs of DB Past Pupils World Confederation for more volunteers to assist the communication through the social media.

During the vibrant meeting the participants also acknowledged the variety of situations created by the pandemic - while in Vietnam there are no further public signs of the health crisis, in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu) another lockdown brings new challenges.

Since Br. Nam has already accompanied the Majcen Restaurant - Hotel TVET trainees in their 2020 graduation, after the handover of this duty he will be completely free to serve as the World Delegate. The virtual meetings with the respective EAO province Past Pupil Federations and 'domestic' Vietnam animation of the five TVET with their young students and past pupils would be possible directly, since there are no movement restrictions in his home country.

The meeting ended with a wonderful prayerful moment animated (Xavier High school Salesian style) by Mr. Niel Evangelista. We pray for Niel and his growing team of young Alumni who will contribute to the communication movement coming soon!

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