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A 3-Day Seminar-Workshop on Filmmaking

By Fr. Drans Nolasco, SDB

Makati City, the Philippines, 19 May 2018 -- The FIN Commission on Social Communications in cooperation with the NEW JP2 Conference organized a three-day Seminar-Workshop on Filmmaking.

To produce a film is one thing. But to produce worthwhile and inspiring films that bring the message of the Good News of the Lord Jesus is another thing. The aim of this seminar-workshop is to let the participants discover and appreciate the importance of producing films as a powerful means of evangelization.

On its first day, Fr. Juvelan Samia, SDB gave an input on the Theology of Communication. He stressed how communication and evangelization are two complimentary things. Filmmaking is just one of the many means of communication that the Church must maximize if she wants to let the Good News be shared and appreciated by as many people as possible.

In the afternoon of the first day, Journalist Ed Lingao, a well-renowned TV personality in the field of News and Public Affairs in the country, gave a lecture on Story Telling and Scriptwriting. Everything begins with a story and how to tell it – its theme, main message, and storyline. The right use of words and images complete a good story telling. It is important that the message of every story begins strong and ends stronger.

The first day ended with the participants being divided into small group for the practical workshop on how to make a good story and write a script. All the groups presented one by one to the assembly the theme, the message, and the storyline of their chosen story. Their homework is in writing the script.

The second day was dedicated to Cinematography and Film and Sound Editing in the morning and in the afternoon, respectively. Cinematographer Patrick Ferrer and Sound Director Mike Idioma took turn in making the participants appreciate the importance of these technical aspects in filmmaking through both theory and practical points. Much of the effort in sending the message of the story depends on the lights and sound of the film.

On its third day, TV and Film Director Mark Meily gave a lecture that made the participants realize and understand that directing is not only in making the actors act but in understanding thoroughly first the story in order to give the right direction not only to the actors but to the entire team. A director is someone who can make his team grasp the core message of the story.

After the morning session with Direk Meily, the participants then proceeded to their respective groups and spent the rest of the day in producing a two-minute film from the story they created on the first day.

At 2:00pm, the groups presented their respective works to the assembly. After the presentation of all the groups, some participants shared their comments, impressions, and reflections not only about the presentations but also about their great experiences during these three days.

The seminar-workshop ended with the distribution of the certificates to all the participants.


















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  • drans 2018.06.18 15:39

    Spreading the Good News of the Lord Jesus in this Era of the New Evangelization through Film Making...

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