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By Francis Wichai Srisura

Don Bosco Technological College, Bangkok - Thailand, 11 September 2020 -- Since 1949, the Don Bosco Technological College (previously Technical School) in Bangkok, where the Rector is Fr Joseph Manachai, ( has been journeying with youth in need, working and less-privileged youth in Thailand and other neighbouring countries. Our work in Cambodia and Laos, too, has its roots in this school. But in the fast-changing industrial scenario of South East Asia Don Bosco Bangkok is no exception to change.

Integration into the vocational training structure of Thailand ranks twelfth in automobile production worldwide. German companies such as Mercedes Benz and BMW have also been manufacturing in Thailand for many years. In order to assert itself in international competition, Thailand has ambitious plans. The country wants to develop into a hub for green technologies and electro-mobiles.

However, this can only be achieved with appropriately qualified employees. The Thai branches of German automotive companies have set up their own training centers for this purpose and work closely with Thai (technical colleges) vocational schools. In this way, high-quality professional know-how is transferred to Thailand. German-Thai Dual Excellence Education (GTDEE) is a training program of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AHK Thailand), in which the trainees work in a company in a practice-oriented manner and also attend vocational school.

The Don Bosco Technological College Bangkok deals with practical professional topics and also teaches general subjects such as Thai, English and social studies. The aim from the start was to implement a sustainable training structure based on the German model. The learning and training content of the German training framework and the framework curriculum were adapted as part of the Thai vocational training structure.

The AHK Thailand also identified training content in Thailand that corresponds to the German training framework. This resulted in three-year vocational training that follows the German training regulations and includes their qualifications.

The successful concept from Germany was implemented since last 2013 by the AHK Thailand initially together with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and with the corporate partners B. Grimm Group, BMW Thailand Company Limited and Robert Bosch Limited Thailand for several professions and also by the Thai Ministry of Education supports.

Since the end of 2018, the AHK Thailand has been offering its services for the training of young Thai specialists as part of business partnerships, which has also significantly improved the quality of the training. Initially, due to the Thai vocational training structure, only certification in accordance with quality category “C” as local dual vocational training with German system elements was possible.

The newly adapted training structure meant that the trainees were able to achieve quality category "B" in local dual vocational training based on the German model in the year before last and quality category "A" German dual vocational training abroad in cooperation with Mercedes Benz and BMW last year.

This year, for the first time, trainees from Pathumthani Brewery Co. Ltd, as electronics technicians for industrial engineering in cooperation with the Don Bosco Technological College in Bangkok, will be able to achieve quality category “A” of German dual vocational training abroad.

The AHK Thailand supports the partner companies and vocational schools in a variety of ways throughout the program. The cooperation is based on a coordinated combination of curricula and a general training plan.

The performance control takes place via PAL exams. PAL is the development center for examination tasks for technical professions in Germany. A feature of the PAL exams is that not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical application is tested.

Apprentices have to acquire all professionally relevant qualifications in order to receive a certificate from the AHK Thailand that reflects the high standard of training. This certificate confirms that the trainees have successfully completed their training to become highly qualified specialists. These skilled workers are wanted by companies. The companies reduce their costs for continuous training and achieve increased employee loyalty. Since the successful implementation of GTDEE, the AHK Thailand has already carried out more than 860 vocational final exams.

We are glad that our Thai Bosconians are ready for the competitive industrial scenario not only with their human and religious education, but also with their excellent skills.

Note: All photos are of the graduation of the German Dual Voc Edn. Training 2019. This year 2020, the graduation has been postponed due to Covid 19. The final exam for the graduates of 2020 has not yet taken place, but they have all been admitted to work in all three companies, i.e., BMW, Mercedes Benz and Singha Beer.

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