1. 3621_A FAMILY DAY at Colégio Dom Bosco – Fatumaca

    By Bro. Amilcar D’Silva & Fr. João D’Costa, SDB Fatumaca, East Timor, May 16, 2015 – It’s a fabulous and meaningful event of keeping a day as a FAMILY DAY in the Marian month. The Colégio Dom Bosco- Fatumaca was crowded with the presenc...
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  2. 3620_Open your heart to Jesus and to all around you! (RM in EAO_19)

    By Our Own Correspondent Melbourne, Australia, May 17 - On the last day of his Oceania the Rector Major spent his time in the vibrant multifaceted and multicultural community of Brunswick, that celebrates 75 years of history during the 2015...
    Date2015.05.17 CategoryAUL Reply1 Views2636 file
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  3. 3619_One vietnamese deacon ordained in Africa

    By Harambee Link Nairobi, Kenya, May 16 - In the Salesians community of Utume there was a deaconate ordination of eleven young Salesians from various provinces across Africa. The Mass begun at 10 AM and it was celebrated by Rt. Rev. Alfred ...
    Date2015.05.17 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views1443 file
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  4. 3618_Good Shepherd hearts at Clifton Hill (RM in EAO_18)

    By Our Own Correspondent Melbourne, Australia, May 16 - Third day of Rector’s Major visit in Melbourne was dedicated to the key of Australia – Pacific province future growth: formation of the young Salesians together with joint reflection a...
    Date2015.05.16 CategoryAUL Reply0 Views1712 file
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  5. 3617_Transforming encounters with a deep human touch (RM in EAO_17)

    By Our Own Correspondent Melbourne, Australia, May 15 - Four different encounters in one full day of the tenth successor of Don Bosco visit to Australia – Pacific province. What was a common point of this day? According many confreres there...
    Date2015.05.15 CategoryAUL Reply1 Views1511 file
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  6. 3616_"CORAGGIO!! - Don Bosco's Dream that continues"

    Original comic book published in Japan By Fr Yoshiki Sekiya, SDB Tokyo, Japan - A comic book on Don Bosco by the publishing sector of the Salesian Japanese Province (Don Bosco Sha) has come out on 7th May. Don Bosco Sha had been working on ...
    Date2015.05.15 CategoryGIA Reply1 Views17618 file
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  7. 3615_Rector Major arrives in Australia (RM in EAO_16)

    By Fr Will Mathews, SDB The tenth successor of St John Bosco and the Rector of the Salesians, Fr Angel Artime SDB arrived Melbourne in the morning on 14th May. The Rector Major was accompanied by Fr Vaclav Klement; Australia and Pacific pro...
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  8. 3614_A very brief report from Nepal

    By Fr Jijo John, SDB Lalitpur, Nepal. May 14 - This morning Nepal Don Bosco Society Relief team went to a village called Chaughare ward numbers 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9 of Lalitpur district. On our way we also picked up a few soldiers who were goin...
    Date2015.05.14 CategoryWorld Reply2 Views2357 file
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  9. 3613_"Rector Major, are you already 200 years old?" (RM in EAO_15)

    Bright future open to the Salesians: The first historical visit of the Rector Major in New Zealand By Our Own Correspondent Auckland, New Zealand. May 13 - On the second day of first historical visit of the Rector Major to New Zealand, Auck...
    Date2015.05.13 CategoryAUL Reply1 Views2429 file
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  10. 3612(II)_Don Bosco becoming Kiwi (RM in EAO_14)

    Kiwis (=New Zealanders) receive the first historical visit of the Rector Major May 12, 2015 By Our Own Correspondent On the early morning of May 12 Fr. Ángel Fernandez Artime was welcomed as the first Rector Major in New Zealand, the country...
    Date2015.05.12 CategoryAUL Reply0 Views1766 file
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