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By SC Sector

EAO, 16 August 2019 -- Around the 204th Birthday of Don Bosco (August 16) we are happy to share three newly available digital gifts, they may energize our Salesian apostolic consecrated life:

First is the new App (application) of the 'Salesians@prayer' that can be downloaded from the Google Play store (also available the I-version for Apple) to your cellphone. It's the revised edition of 'In dialogue with the Lord', now available in this very convenient version in 5 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese). Although the full content of the Prayer manual is complete only in Italian, you may rejoice with most of our prayers in English already online.

Second is the English translation of the famous book of Fr. Pietro Braido, fruit of his life-long research on Don Bosco in two volumes (original Italian 3rd edition: Il prete dei giovani nel secolo delle liberta'), now available in English. Thanks to the patient and hardworking EAO-based translator we have the 1000+ pages long awaited masterpiece available in a complete English version (though minus alphabetical indexes at the end at this stage)!

Third is the new edition of 'The Salesian Rector', a new version of the Manual requested by the General Chapter 27 (2014). In the Foreword to the Manual the Rector Major expressed his strong desire that this charismatic tool will reach all 14,500 Salesians around the world:'To all of you, therefore, my dear confreres, I offer this gift, this effort to bring together all the developments in the Church and in our Congregation over the last 30 years or so. May Mary, our mother and teacher, help us to grow into the fullness of our consecration that we might be ever more credible signs and bearers of God's love to the young. Affectionately in Don Bosco, Ángel Fernández Artime.'

Yes, 2004 years ago a poor boys was born in the small Piedmontese village of the Becchi, and he became a great gift to the youth of the whole world. We give thanks for the gift of Don Bosco! The best celebrations are always connected with 'our commitment to love, to know, to imitate, to pray to him and to let him know!'

The 'Salesians@prayer' in the Google store (APP) for download:

The Salesian Rector (Manual, ed. 2019)

The full text of Fr. Pietro Braido's book in digital form for download:




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