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Japanese missionary in South Sudan

By Cl. Chihiro Morito, SDB

Moshi, Tanzania, 19 September 2016 -- Among the 75 young Salesian postnovices of Moshi (Tanzania) international formation community is also one Japanese missionary (related story AustraLasia 3766; ).

Cl. Chihiro Morito is now in the third year of philosophy - pedagogy course, the only Asian Salesian within the ocean of African Salesians. He is happy to address the young Salesian in Japan and all over the East Asia - Oceania region:

"Greetings from Moshi, I really appreciate your kindness and concern about my i vocation. I am very glad to know that Japan province has also this year two novices. I'm very fine. Thank God, everything is going well so far. I have many things to share with you, but let me tell you only one thing today: "As you know, I belong to the Sudan Delegation of Easter Africa Province (AFE), where there are many poor young people, street children and child soldiers especially during the current civil war without end.

I'm studying music very hard now because I'm planning to form a music band with them in the future, and travel all over the world to collect donation. In this way if possible, I'd like to pay for school fees of students in South Sudan who cannot afford to go to school. The music instruments we are going to use are not normal ones which are very expensive. We are going to use recycled music instruments which are made of trash in the slum.

I've heard that a certain group in Paraguay is doing the same experience, and I would like to visit the place before going back to Japan for my holiday next time. This is my dream, I have already shared with my Superiors.

I think what we must always offer a counter-value to the present world, capable of helping the people to grow with Christ. If also Africa is heading towards the same line with the developed countries, I would feel very sad.

I'm also thinking about being a apprentice of one of street performers who are performing juggling or magic.

Every time I go back to Japan, I go to the street to see how they perform those entertainments. I learned juggling and some magics from them, but I would like to learn more for my future's ministry during the practical training.

I don't know whether I can be Fr Cimatti in Africa, but pray for me to grow day by day







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