1. 5774(II)_The 'SDBChange Congress' - September 2022

    By Salesian Economy Sector Rome and the world, 14 February 2022 -- The "SDBChange Congress" (Rome, 19-23 September) takes place during a tremendous turbulence that has gripped all our life systems. But this turbulence also has a positive si...
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  2. 5774(I)_THA: Salesian Provincial Day 2022

    “Do All Through Love” By THA SC Banpong, Thailand, 12 February 2022 -- On 11 February 2022, the Salesian Society of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos celebrated the Salesian Community Day under the theme "Do All Through Love". The com...
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  3. 5773(IV)_Fostering Integral Human Development in EAO

    Missionary message for the 11th of February 2022 By Fr. Alfred Maravilla SDB General Councillor for Missions RMG, 11 February 2022 -- Authentic development is complete or ‘integral’ if it promotes the cultural, economic, politic...
    Date2022.02.13 CategoryRMG Reply0 Views237 file
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  4. 5773(III)_Start of the Extraordinary Visitation to FIN

    By our correspondent Makati City, 11 February 2022 -- After spending the required quarantine, Fr Alfred Maravilla, General Councillor for the Missions, began his extraordinary visitation to the Province of St John Bosco, Northern Philippine...
    Date2022.02.13 CategoryFIN Reply0 Views197 file
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  5. 5773(II)_Bosco Eco Enzyme (BEE): Waster Can Be a Blessing

    By Fr. Andre Delimarta, SDB St John Bosco Parish, Jakarta, Indonesia, 11 February 2022 -- Christian faith values the dignity of all creation and having concern for the creation or the environment is an integral part of that faith. Pope Fran...
    Date2022.02.13 CategoryINA Reply0 Views376 file
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  6. 5773(I)_Myanmar - One Year after the Coup in 2021

    World, 8 February 2022 -- On the first anniversary of the military coup in Myanmar (1 February 2022) we see world-wide attention, solidarity, appeals, reflection and prayers for the possibly fast peaceful solution for the suffering people o...
    Date2022.02.13 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views211 file
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  7. 5772(IV)_PGS releases Salesian Bulletin

    By Fr. Ambrose Pereira SDB, Editor Port Moresby, PNG, 5 February 2022 -- The Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Social Communications Commission proudly releases its Salesian Bulletin 2021 Volume 4 - Issue 1. The magazine has as its theme...
    Date2022.02.06 CategoryPGS Reply0 Views406 file
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  8. 5772(III)_A gift for Don Bosco’s Feast Day

    Past pupils in Timor-Leste initiates ecological movement By Fr. Jolino Vieira, SDB Dili, Timor-Leste, 5 February 2022 -- The Don Bosco alumni of Timor-Leste organized different activities in preparation for St. John Bosco’s Feast Day ...
    Date2022.02.06 CategoryTLS Reply0 Views263 file
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  9. 5772(II)_Salesian Mission Office - Window on the World

    Salesian world, 5 February 2022 -- Three years ago (January 2019) one of the largest international conferences of Salesian Mission Offices was organised in Rome, where a good number of EAO participants contributed with their experience, wis...
    Date2022.02.06 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views216 file
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  10. 5772(I)_Get to know the Salesian Secular Consecration (CDB)

    Salesian world, 5 February 2022 -- There are 32 groups within the large Salesian Family of Don Bosco, and 5 of them are 'secular institutes'. The members of these 'Secular Institutes' by nature, with their 'reserve' ...
    Date2022.02.06 CategoryWorld Reply0 Views261 file
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