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By our Taiwan correspondent

       Taipei, Taiwan, 27 June 2021 -- Saturday 26 June 2021, the Jesuit-run Fu Jen Faculty of Theology of Saint Robert Bellarmine held its 53rd Graduation Ceremony. For us Salesians of Don Bosco, however, who three years ago began having some of our scholastics attend this Faculty of Theology, today was the very 1st Graduation Ceremony ever in Taiwan as a group (an individual graduation preceded this in 2004 when Salesian Fr. Michele Ferrero graduated from the same Faculty as Doctor in Theology).

       Yes, three of our young Salesians graduated today, after three years of study in view of the Bachelor Degree in Sacred Theology. God willing, the three of them will soon be ordained deacons. As deacons, they will complete their theological studies with the so called “Year of Vocational Integration” or “Pastoral Year.”

       For the first time in the history of the Fu Jen Faculty of Theology, the Graduation Ceremony was held online, given the Covid-19 emergency still going on in Taiwan. All graduate students stayed home. And yet from 10:00 hours to 11:30 hours a.m. today they had the opportunity to take part in the graduation ceremony. They did so by watching a pre-recorded video that included all the standard items of a graduation ceremony. One of our three graduates helped with the production of the videoand another was invited to represent his fellow-students to offer thanks to God and to all.

       Dear reader, do not be taken in by the photo that accompanies this piece of news. This photo was taken after watching the pre-recorded video, on the roof of Salesian House in Taipei. The conferral of the Bachelor’s hat in this photo is even more virtual than the online conferral.

       We offer our three graduates congratulations as well as best wishes and prayers for their ordination to the diaconate.





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