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Don Bosco Bicentenary Celebration In Lahore/Pakistan

A: Preparation of staff and students from August 2014

In our school program which this year starts in September and ends in June, we needed to anticipate the celebration of the Bicentenary and consequently the preparation of our lay personnel and of our students long before the feast of Don Bosco in January 2015. The following steps were taken during the 6 days seminar from August 4 to 10 / 2014

For our teachers and lay personnel we could organize a full week seminar on the life and mission of Don Bosco. The Preventive System was translated into Urdu language and progressively explained to our lay personnel during the seminar

The life of Don Bosco so well portrayed by the Italian Rai Video, Mission of Love” was daily presented with particular emphasis in those historical moments where Don Bosco had shown his passion for the education of difficult boys of his time, his stubborn determination to provide to all the poor young he met a meal, a family, a spiritual support and a sustainable employment for their future.

Projection and explanation of Don Bosco life to the staff

In connection with the Preventive System other matters were presented to the lay staff to improve their task as teachers and educators.

Morning talks about Don Bosco life and mission & Rehearsing of Don Bosco song during morning assembly

Canonical Visitation of Fr. George Militante in October 2014

During the visitation Fr. George could convey to Fr. Peter, his council lay staff and all School and Boarding personnel important insights on the Bicentenary celebration of Don Bosco Birthday.

B. Immediate Preparation Of Don Bosco Feast in January /2015

Cleaning and providing security at the entrance to our school compound.

After the Pashawar massacre of 141 students in December 16/ 2014 the Pakistani Government imposed to all schools in the country to assure more security : elevating the sorrounding walls to at least 5 meters and crowning the top with circular military barbed wire.

Rehearsing of Don Bosco Songs and preparation of stage

In January 20 invitation cards were sent to all religious congregations, clergy of Lahore to benefactors and friends

January 30/2015: A surprise unexpected visit