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Three loves: Don Bosco - Coffee - Poor Youth

By Fr Philip Somchai, SDB

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 28 September 2018 -- More than 20 years after graduating from Don Bosco Technical School in Bangkok, Mr Phaisan, from a rather poor family background, is an inspiration for many Salesian past pupils worldwide. His five years of experience as a 'Coffee Specialist' in Chiang Mai offers a wonderful model for thousands of Bosconians - Past Pupils of Don Bosco worldwide, who are grateful for the education they have received and try to express their gratitude with some concrete mission for the younger generation.

This is the extraordinary story of Mr Phaisan with three great loves : Don Bosco - Coffee - Poor young people, and is visible in each of his DiBosco Coffee outlets - two in Chiang Mai (Thailand), one in Auckland (New Zealand) and two in London (England). On the outskirts of Chiang Mai you can visit and enjoy the 'DiBosco Coffee specialist' shop, his Espresso Academy (Vocational Training Centre) with a large chain of supporters. As part of his ongoing learning experience, Mr Phaisan travelled twice to Italy, first on pilgrimage to Don Bosco (Becchi - Valdocco) and then to Florence, to obtain a coffee specialist international certificate (2017).

As a Don Bosco past pupil, Mr Phaisan is deeply in love with the Italian Saint. In his Coffee shop you can admire the wall replica of the Becchi house (Questa è la mia casa) and a 1:1 model version is already scheduled for construction.

As a Coffee lover he says that 'we control the whole process from coffee trees through to the table, from harvesting, to roasting and brewing. We control each process with machines and the human skills of our team, ensuring consistent quality. Our products have been recognised by five star hotels, cafes and movie theatres. Our coffee has been tested by an international barista team and Q grader. We have our own lab and cupping room to maintain the quality of our coffee.'

Mr Phaisan opened up The Espresso Academy, following Italian standards, in Chiang Mai, close to one of the largest coffee-producing regions in Thailand. It is his response to youth in need. Short courses are offered to all start-ups (two days of theory and the necessary time for practical skills). The team is made up of 10 young people, most of them coming from the Mae Hong Son province mountainous area near Chiang Mai.










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  • Ambrose 2018.09.29 05:17

    It is amazing how simple things can convey so much.  Blessings.

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