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  1. Nino Baglieri - CDB - Servant of God (1951-2007)

    Servant of God Antonio (Nino) Baglieri, CDB 1951-2007   Biography - Letters - Profile Biography (ITA) 2017_BellocchiG_Nino_Baglieri_Atleta_di_Dio.pdf Biography (ENG) NINO BAGLIERI new corrections 22-1-24_240122_104059.pdf Profile (ENG) Anton...
    Date2022.12.19 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  2. CDB Formation resources (Philippines)

    Volunteers With Don Bosco (CDB: Con Don Bosco)   Formation resources made in the Philippines     CDB presentation (2023) 5 minute video VOLUNTEERS WITH DON BOSCO (CDB).docx   CDB modules:retreatnotes                                 ...
    Date2020.07.14 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  3. CDB Sharing- Salesian Consecrated Life 2020

      VDB - Volunteers of Don Bosco (Women) and CDB - Con Don Bosco (Volunteers with Don Bosco)       SHARING 2020 - Easter time   Salesian Consecrated Secular Life 2020-2022 (n.9-20)  SCS_09_EN (1).docx SCS_10_EN.docx SCS_11_EN.docx SCS_12_EN.d...
    Date2020.06.02 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  4. Letter RM for CDB (25) and Prayer of Nino Baglieri (cross and Cross)

    Nino Baglieri, CDB - Servant of God, +2007)   "From cross to Cross" (paralyzed 38 years at his bed)   For download full text: CDB 25 years fidelity-ENG.pdf CDB 25 years fidelity-ENG.pdf   It has been another sleepless night, with only suffer...
    Date2020.03.31 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  5. CDB - Silver jubilee (1994-2019) celebration

    CDB - 25 years (1994-2019) Celebration materials   EAO region: so far 4 CDB (Philippines) >>> Worldwide: 85 members in 4 continents   Celebration newsletter: By CDB Central Council + Central ecclesiastical assistant: for download SCS_05_En-C...
    Date2019.09.05 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  6. Salesian Secular Consecrated Life - Animation Letter

    Salesian Secular Consecrated Vocation (VDB, CDB and beyond)  Bi-Monthly Animation Newsletter - from the Central Assistant   2019, February (n.1) scs_01_en.pdf   2019, April (n.2) scs_02_it.pdf   2019, June (n.3) scs_03_it.pdf   2019, August ...
    Date2019.08.04 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  7. CDB (Volunteers With Don Bosco) - AG 6 (6th General Assembly)

    AG6 (Genzano, Rome - 28th December 2017 - 5th January 2018) Documents for download: CDB-AG6.docx (ANS news) AG6 Doc Final Version en.docx (Final document ENG) Growth in Communion: Fr. Chavez CDB-Communion Chavez ITA.doc Growth in Communion: ...
    Date2018.01.01 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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  8. CDB - Constitutions & Regulations 2019 edition

        CDB Constitutions and Regulations 2019 edition  200930_Costituzioni CDB_EN.pdf - for download   CDB Constitutions and Regulations 2014 CDB - Constitutions ENG.pdf  - for download CDB - Constitutions ENG.docx  - for download    
    Date2017.07.13 CategoryCDB Byvaclav
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