AustraLasia 25 - Silver Jubilee (1997-2022)

by vaclav posted Nov 09, 2022


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AustraLasia Silver Jubilee (1997-2022)

November 9


AustraLasia 25th anniversary

1997-2022, November 9


Fr Ángel F. Artime, Rector Major

[Video greetings from Valdocco]


ALA25c-open small+.png



Good morning from Valdocco, good morning my brothers, and sisters!

Hello, how are you? Greetings!


    I’m here in Valdocco today, happy to greet you on the 25th anniversary of the great endeavor of ‘AustraLasia’, this extraordinary service of communication and information, but first of all service of communion within the [East Asia-Oceania] region and within the Congregation. I should be brief, and as you see, that today at Valdocco is already quite fresh weather.


  I would like to say you a big ‘thanks’ to all of you: starting from the EAO regional councilors who believed a lot in this initiative, to many of you who are preparing the news, the translators and IT experts. All of you may feel very much appreciated through my short address.


Especially that your efforts were and are a great service of communion to our Congregation, to the whole Salesian Family. I would like to be brief to share this message online.  


We should continue, [AustraLasia] has an extraordinary value and in the name of Don Bosco thank for all what you do. And thank you, thank you so much in the name of Don Bosco.


 See you soon. Bye, bye!




Message from the EAO Regional councilor

Fr Joseph Nguyen Thin Phuoc, SDB

EAO regional.jpg


"Today, in Hua Hin, the Delegates for Social Communication of EAO provinces started the annual Regional Meeting. It is a joy for me to invite you to share the joy of our celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the setting up of our 'Australasia news' (November 9, 1997-2022) based now on the Boscolink website. 

We give thanks to all who contributed to this unique communication service in the Congregation. For the years leading to the first fourth of the 21st century, many confreres, friends, members of the Salesian Family have shared their news, photos and stories regarding their living of the Salesian Charism in their respective countries and provinces or delegations.

We are proud of the far-vision of the Salesian pioneers in this area which is becoming more and more important and relevant for the Salesian World of today. And we are also heartily grateful for those who have contributed articles, news, and photos at the very quick speed.

The '' website and its archive contain living testimonies for the good and the fruits brought out by the Salesian family in this large region which covers the East-Asia Oceania: formation, missions, celebrations of Salesian events, oratories, condolences for the passing away of our dear confreres and great Salesian cooperators. It is the convincing evidence of the Salesian spirituality which has been inculturated in different cultures and geographical regions.

May all the EAO provinces continue to make this website as the channel for information, communion and tools for evangelization to the Salesian World for the next twenty five years."




Message from the General councilor for Social Communication

Fr. Gildasio Mendes


Gildasio Mendes SC councilor.jpg


Dear friends


Congratulations to all Salesians, lay mission partners and youth who are building together

the 'Salesian history in AustraLasia'!

25 years of hard work, temperance, love for the young and our Father Don Bosco.

I join all of you in the joyful and thankful celebrations of this story of education and evangelization

of this beautiful and rich AustraLasia!


Fr Gildasio Mendes de Santos




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