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    Youth Ministry and Formation

    Reflections from 3 documents: 1.       Exploring Salesian Life Today by Fr. Chrys Saldanha, SDB 2.       Salesian Youth Ministry – Frame of Reference by our Salesian Youth Ministry Department 3.       Youth Ministry in Asia: Reliving the Emm...
    Date2015.11.12 ByBroMon Views189
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    Pastoral Care in the Global Village - Timothy Radcliffe

    Pastoral Care in the Global Village - Timothy Radcliffe (DOC) Radcliffe
    Date2015.11.12 ByBroMon Views154
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    Life as Prayer by Fr. Ivo Coelho

    Life as Prayer by Fr. Ivo Coelho, SDB - General Councilor for Formation (Doc) and PPT (Bro Mon) 05 LIFE AS PRAYER.docx LIFE AS PRAYER.pptx
    Date2015.11.12 ByBroMon Views185
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    EAO Prenovitate Report

    The EAO Prenovitiate report is a summary (40 pages long) of the situation in our different prenovitiates. EAO Prenovitiates - Report.docx
    Date2015.11.12 ByBroMon Views196
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  5. EAO Salesian Formation 2015

    EAO FORMATION DELEGATES 2015 Documents shared - Life as Prayer (cf. Constitutions 95) ACG421, LIFE AS PRAYER-ENG.pdf - Salesian Brother (Criteria 2012-Ratio) Salesian Brother FSDB 2012.01.18 - Revision Ratio ENG.doc - Personal Accompaniment ...
    Date2015.11.09 Byvaclav Views195
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  6. Salesian Vocation Stories (Australia-Pacific)

    The best contribution to the Salesian vocation culture is the own personal vocation story telling.  We hope to share as many different Vocation stories from the 22 EAO countries about Salesian Family Vocation journey today: Samoa Novice Elia...
    Date2015.10.06 Byvaclav Views659
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  7. Formation for the Salesian priests and Brothers - Paranaque

    Formation programs Paranaque (FIN) interprovincial house for the specific formation of Salesian priests 3. CUR15 - EVALUATION ON THE FOUR PILLARS - SEMINARIAN VERSION 2.docx 2. CUR15 - CURATORIUM REPORT - 2015 OCT 1.docx 4. CUR15 - SnDB SEMI...
    Date2015.10.02 Byvaclav Views667
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  8. Fit for Salesian prayer

    Salesian Prayer resources - collection for download 1. Salesian community at prayer (AUL version 2015)  THE SALESIAN COMMUNITY AT PRAYER - Version 2.doc 2. Salesian Youth Prayer Book vol I (AUL province - Fiji novices) Salesian Youth Prayer ...
    Date2015.09.18 Byvaclav Views1520
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  9. Vocations newsletter - AUL

    One of the good and effective ways how to promote the vocation culture among the Salesian communities is the VOCATIONS NEWSLETTER AUL (Australia - Pacific)  High quality VOCATIONS NEWSLETTER for download: Vocations Newsletter No 2 December ...
    Date2015.08.14 Byvaclav Views630
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  10. EAO Salesian Brothers Congress 2013

    EAO Salesian Brothers Congress 2013, Thailand - Hua Hin For download the ACTS: EAO Salesian Brothers' Congress.pdf For link to previous EAO Salesian Brothers Congress (2006 Cambodia)
    Date2015.07.30 Byvaclav Views701
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  11. EAO Salesian Bishops sharing DB 200

    DB 200 ENCOUNTER of SALESIAN BISHOPS in TORINO, VALDOCCO Sharing the heart and mind of our SDB EAO salesian bishops   May 2015     SHARING   11 CARD. CHARLES BO - Omelia al Colle Don Bosco.docx 07 MONS. VAN LOY - Vita religiosa in Europa.doc...
    Date2015.06.05 Byvaclav Views2484
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