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EAO Youth Ministry Delegates Meet in Thailand

By Our Own Correspondent

Huahin, Thailand, 17 November 2018 -- The Youth Ministry delegates from the provinces of the East Asia-Oceania Region (AUL, CIN, FIN, FIS, GIA, INA, MYM, THA, TLS, VIE) including also the confreres from Mongolia, Pakistan and Laos gathered at the Huahin Salesian Retreat House in Thailand for the EAO YM Delegates’ annual meeting from November 12 until November 17, 2018.

Fr. Theparat Pitisant John Bosco SDB, provincial of Thailand-Cambodia-Laos (THA), together with Fr. Anthony Piya Puchchan, his YM Delegate, and his team of 4 your confreres (Frs. Vichiensang, Ronnachai and John with Br. Saraphan) welcomed all the EAO delegates with their great hospitality and generosity.

Fr. Patrick Anthonyraj, the YM Dicastery member who follows up the EAO Region, facilitated the 5-day long experience of formation, brotherhood and joyful but profound discussion of the Instrumentum Laboris of the 2018 Synod on Youth. Through skype conference, Fr. Fabio Attard, the General Councilor for Youth Ministry, introduced the YM Delegates to the journey of the Synod on Youth and gave them an orientation in understanding the value of the above-mentioned document and the Synod’s final document. Also, reflections on the EAO commitments for the Family, made at the conclusion of the 2017 International Congress on Youth and Family, were shared. The YM Delegates also took this opportunity to discuss about Youth Ministry issues and concerns for the information and emulation of other provinces.

Fr. Vaclav Klement, EAO Regional Councilor, met the delegates last November 16 and led the formative experience and discussion on the organization of the Region’s efforts in the ministry. Particularly, he asked for the YM delegates' needs in their own province in order to exercise fully their task. The delegates discussed also about the system of coordination in the region and the systematic organization of the YM Delegates assembly.

It was very inspiring for many Youth Ministry Delegates to celebrate the conduct of meeting which was characterized by spontaneity, confidence, fraternal atmosphere and seriousness in the sharing of ideas and experiences. This tone that pervaded the whole journey was set by the Lectio Divina on the passage of the Gospel of Mark where Jesus invited his apostles to come to a deserted place for rest and yet He still went to attend to the people who were like sheep without a shepherd. The exchange of reflection which took place during the celebration of the Eucharist was fully enjoyed and became an inspiration to be imitated in all the assemblies that followed.

One experience that spiced up the gathering is the trip to Phraya Nakhon Cave where the delegates went a little of spelunking and hiked towards the heart of the cave. This is right away followed by the exciting trip via motorboat along the coast of the island. Thanks to the great hospitality of the Province of Thailand who made this encounter conducive for formation and experience of brotherhood which will inspire the YM delegates to work with renewed enthusiasm as they return to their respective provinces.

Next year the EAO Youth Ministry delegates meeting is scheduled in Timor Leste together with the Missionary animation delegates.












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