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Rector Major's visit to Korea (7)

By KOR SC team

Seoul, Korea, 17 November 2018 -- On the morning of the 5th day of his historic visit to the Korean province, Fr Ángel attended the meeting of the provincial council held in provincial house in Seoul.

At lunch, there were some special visitors for him: the Apostolic Nuncio to Korea, Archbishop Alfred Xuereb, and Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, the Archbishop of Seoul.

The Apostolic Nuncio, who was born in Malta, had a delightful conversation recalling his close friend Salesian Fr Fabio Attard, also from Malta, Councillor for Youth Ministry. In their childhood they often played together at the Salesian Oratory.

Fr Ángel was keen to stress to the Apostolic Nuncio that he saw the image of Don Bosco's own times in the youth he had met at the Daerim-dong oratory and was very touched by it.

The Church superiors praised the Salesians for their wonderful contribution to the Korean Church, and asked them to continue their dedication to Korean youth in need.

The Salesian Family had prepared a fine set of performances: the FMA Sisters' Nan-ta performance, ASC (Cooperators) traditional folk dance, SDB Brothers Comic song and songs from the ASC band.

Then, approximately 480 members of the Salesian Family and benefactors attended the Mass presided by the Rector Major during which 56 Cooperator aspirants took their promise, though it was nearly only 55 - one woman was rushed to the emergency department at the hospital. However, despite her illness, she finally was able to attend Mass to take the promise. Fr Ángel was impressed by her eagerness to become a Salesian and gave her a special blessing during the liturgy. Her name is Hong Eun-hee Martha, ASC.

Fr Ángel heaped praise on the Cooperators and the Salesian Family gathered in large numbers. He was delighted. He explained that Salesian Family is a huge one, consisting of 31 groups and 340,000 people. He said that among them are 32,000 Cooperators "and tomorrow there will be 32,056!"

"Our numbers are large but it doesn’t mean that 'We are great! We are strong.' It means 'We have great responsibility.' The life of a cooperator is simple but it has a profound meaning. Reveal your identity as sons and daughters of Don Bosco."

"I felt that the Holy Spirit was active among us when I was baptizing 64 youth yesterday in Gwang-ju, and I sense the Holy Spirit is among us now in the Salesian Family."

The Salesian Family who attended Mass provided an abundant dinner and celebrations to follow. The last night with Fr Ángel remains an impressive memory.














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