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Path towards the ASC Province of Timor Leste - 2018

By Fr. Acacio de Castro, SDB

Dili, Timor Leste, 9 April 2018 -- After the EAO Tokyo Congress (May 2017) the Salesian Cooperators of East Timor start to prepare the establishment of the ASC Province Timor Leste. After the official establishment of the third ASC center in Laga (November 2017) there are the basic conditions to establish the PROVINCE. However we want to build on solid foundations, step b. y step in order to foster a healthy growth of the Salesian Cooperators in our country.

Yesterday, in the Dili - Comoro Don Bosco A/V Room we held a Dili ASC Center council meeting (Coordinator - Mr. Manuel da Silva and six council members, including Fr. Acacio, the local Delegate) participated also in the first part by the EAO Regional councilor Fr. Klement. And for the first time we welcome also our newly promised Japanese member, Ms. Teresa Nishimura who was invited to join us.

In a lively dialogue emerged the following important steps on the journey towards the Province:

  • We need to continue faithfully the path we started: good communications among the three centers of Dili, Laga and Venilale (Whatsapp group, Phone calls and annual gathering for the renewal of our Promise on May 9: Foundation Day of the Salesian Cooperators in 1876)

  • We need to work on the Tetun translations of our institutional documents: PAL translation is being finalized with the help of Fr. Manuel Fraile, the Commentary to the PAL and the ASC Delegate animation guidelines are on the list. We have already the power point presentation about the Formation guidelines in Tetun

  • We will participate in the incoming ASC World Congress (Rome, October 25-28, 2018)

  • We need to be more interacting with the SDB and FMA, especially with our regular presence in their formation houses (good night talk, confrerence about our vocation - mission - formation) in order to make understand our Salesian vocation to the religous and foster more future Delegates for our Centers

  • We need to strengthen our formation, especially with the formation of formators. A clear and strong suggestion about formation of formators seminar (2019 in Timor) was one of our dialogue fruits.

Yes, the Salesian vocation harvest in Timor Leste is great and we need to be ready with better formation tools and formators - both Salesian Cooperators and SDB - FMA Delegates. Pray for us!

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  • Philip 2018.04.10 18:08
    Thank you so much Fr. Acacio! We trust in Holy Spirit, entrust you and our fellow members in Timor-Leste to Mary Help of Christians!

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