1. 4677(I)_House Chronicles, Small steps with a great effect

    Chronicle shows how God was always our guide By Our Own Correspondent EAO, 22 March 2018 -- Every day one simple entry, seven times a week and 365 times every year. This is the daily life of our House Chronicles. In m...
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  2. 4673(II)_Silent Saint who Whispers the Gospel

    St. Joseph - Carpenter of Nazareth - model of initial proclamation By Our Own Correspondent EAO, 19 March 2018 -- Every day we pray during the (second) Eucharistic Prayer that 'with Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God,...
    Date2018.03.19 CategoryEAO Reply1 Views292 file
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  3. 4673(I)_Do you treasure your Salesian roots?

    Before the 2019 EAO Salesian History Seminar By Fr. Nestor Impelido, SDB EAO - ACSSA Coordinator EAO, 19 March 2018 -- From 2004 on are held regular EAO Salesian Historians Seminars. Who is invited for this 2019 Sem...
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  4. 4664_Go into the World and Whisper the Gospel!

    Open to the young and lay mission partners: EAO Provincial meeting - Day 5 By Our Own Correspondent Dili, Timor Leste, 9 March 2018 -- The last day of the annual EAO meeting of the provincials was dedicated to the S...
    Date2018.03.10 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views405 file
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  5. 4663(I)_Do you believe in the Salesian Family?

    EAO Provincial meeting - Day 4 EAO Provincials learn from the Salesian Family By Our Own Correspondent Dili, Timor Leste, 9 March 2018 -- The fourth day of the EAO provincial meeting 2018 started with many joyful mo...
    Date2018.03.09 CategoryEAO Reply1 Views240 file
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  6. 4662_Deep insight into the history, culture and nation building of Timor Leste

    EAO provincials 2018 - Day 3, Dedicated to the exploration of Timor By Our Own Correspondent Dili, Timor Leste, 8 March 2018 -- Every year the EAO provincials come together in a different province. Every year our gr...
    Date2018.03.08 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views244 file
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  7. 4661_How do we transform the Salesian culture of our province?

    EAO Provincials meeting 2018 - Day 2 By Our Own Correspondent Dili, Timor Leste, 7 March 2018 -- At the start of the day the EAO regional councilor introduced the method of the 2018 EAO meeting that focus on accompani...
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  8. 4660(III)_"How are you Father Provincial?"

    EAO Provincial meeting 2018 - Day 1 By Our Own Correspondent Dili, Timor Leste, 6 March 2018 -- The first full day of the EAO 2018 Provincial and Delegates meetings started in the Dili – Comoro Blessed Artemide Zatti ...
    Date2018.03.06 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views433 file
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  9. 4659(III)_The land of St. Callistus Caravario welcomes the EAO provincial meeting 2018

    For the first time in history the EAO provincials come together in Timor Leste By Our Own Correspondent Dili, Timor Leste, 4 March 2018 -- One month after the departure of the Rector Major from Dili all provincials an...
    Date2018.03.05 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views452 file
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  10. 4658_“Towards Promoting the Common Good, Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”

    EAO Provincial Economers Meeting 2018 in Seoul By Mr. Leah Samson Seoul, Korea, 4 March 2018 -- The Annual EAO Provincial Economers Meeting has just been concluded in Seoul, Korea. It was headed by the Economer Genera...
    Date2018.03.04 CategoryEAO Reply0 Views311 file
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