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Strenna 2018 Poster - Japanese version

By SC Team

Tokyo, Japan, 29 December 2017 -- "We created this poster with a hope that whoever looks at it (students or adults) would be encouraged to “approach with courage and accompany those who are wounded. In the process were involved many person, also all SDB rectors in their November meeting.

  • Jesus, who is the supreme model of life and the inexhaustible “living water”, is surrounded by the Samaritan woman and the characters of the manga (comics) book “Coraggio!!”

  • Following 2016 and 2017, also for the poster of 2018, the illustration was done by Suzuki Guri, manga author of the “Coraggio!!”.

  • The poster was planned and produced by the Salesian Social Communication team (staff at Don Bosco Sha) and designed by Nakamura Takaya.

Characters in the illustration: caption


  • Jesus is tired and thirsty from the journey(1), the Samaritan woman who came to fetch water, avoiding to meet fellow villagers(2) - they meet at the well. Jesus speaks to the woman and listens to her sorrow and suffering. In the illustration, Jesus is saying, “Whoever drinks the water that I give will never thirst” and the Samaritan woman is asking Jesus, “Sir, give me this water”.

  • The composition of the 2 main characters, Jesus and the Samaritan woman, is based on the famous work by the French artist Pierre Mignard, “Jesus and the Woman of Samaria” (AD 1681).

  • Don Bosco(3) and a boy from the oratory (Bartolomeo Garelli)(4) are seen behind the well. As the boy is looking into the well, Don Bosco, closely accompanying him, encourages him to look at Jesus.

  • On the right side of the well is a modern day couple who look rather sad. They are an multi-cultural couple, the husband(5) is Japanese and the wife(6) is from a South Asian country, they have difficulties and disappointments in life. Mamma Margaret (7) is by their side, showing them Jesus.

  • At the foot of the couple is a young and crying girl (8). Mana(9), a high-school student, is smiling and bending down, trying to comfort the little girl.

  • On the left side of the well is a Latin American youth sitting on the ground, looking depressed(10). Riku(11), another high-school student, is encouraging the boy, inviting him to approach Jesus.

  • Behind Riku also Domenico Savio(12) is gazing lovingly at Jesus. The Blessed Mother Mary(13) is gently supporting and watching over Domenico. Grigio(14) is by Mary’s side, also looking at Jesus.

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  • Ambrose 2017.12.29 21:23

    A wonderful exercise of involving the Rectors and so many other to share in their thoughts and bring it out in a poster.  Well done!

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