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Missionary Formation UPS 2017

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Contents for download: 

lettera inspettori dalle Missioni xxi.en (may).pdf

UPS-missio 2017-1.png

By Fr. Guillermo Basañes

General Councilor for the Missions


Ongoing formation course in missionary ministry

Rome, Salesian Pontifical University (UPS)


This is already the 21st edition of the ‘Missionary course’ started by Fr. Luciano Odorico in 1995, organized in collaboration of the Mission Sector of the Congregation and the UPS, Rome.

It is not only for “missionaries" but for all those who animate the missionary apostolate. It does mean that the missionary spirit is not given only to some special confreres but it brings life and involves the whole province. We believe that the renewal of our consecrated life and vocation enthusiasm in our provinces depends on the missionary spirit.  



September 17 – December 14, 2017



Rome – Turin – Holy Land: in three different venues

Rome – 11 weeks of intellectual formation including also spiritual retreat (UPS)

Turin – 1 week of pilgrimage to the Holy Salesian places

Holy Land – 1 week of pilgrimage in the Holy places of Jesus Christ.



Personal journey of Salesian growth, deepening of the Christian message and renewal of pastoral activity, with a variety of initiatives like - talks, lessons, moments of sharing, meetings with groups and associations, reflection, experiences of prayer, visits, trips and pilgrimages.



Language – Italian. For those who need a preparatory Italian language course in Rome (June – August: 3 months time)) contact the organizers (Fr. Martin Lasarte)



This year a special emphasis on Mission as communication, Mission for the young people (Synod of Bishops 2018).


Who – participants?

(1) Salesians who have or will have responsibility for missionary animation in their provinces.

(2) Salesians with experience of mission ad gentes, and with a desire for ongoing formation.


Who – organizer?

Fr. Martin Lasarte ( – Mission Sector, Rome: will assist any query


Who – resource persons?

Professors of the UPS-Rome, from other international universities.


Why - Main aim – goals of the course?

(1)  Revitalize Salesian missionary zeal.

(2)  Offer insights and updates related to the mission of the Church and of the Congregation,

(3)  Encourage the sharing of experiences,

(4)  Strengthen communication on missionary apostolate

(5)  Acquire new elements to revitalize the missionary animation of the Province.


What is the course not for?

The course is not for: Travel, sightseeing, fundraising or visiting friends. Participants are asked to make an intellectual and spiritual commitment so they can return to their province with a vision, capacity and passion to revitalize the missionary apostolate with major competency.


How much?

The overall cost of the course (logistics, class, retreat etc) is sponsored by the Rector Major through Missions Sector (5.500 Euro) and provincial contribution for the Holy Land pilgrimage (1.100 Euro).


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