A letter to the future, to year 2115!

by Albeiror24 posted Mar 05, 2016


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Kep City, Cambodia -- Don Ángel Fernández placed the "letter to the future" at the Don Bosco Birth House Monument in Kep Province in his last day of his visit to the Kingdom on March 2. The Letter to the Future is a symbol of hope and believe in the presence of Don Bosco among our apostolate, said Fr. Albeiro Rodas, Rector of Don Bosco Kep to Don Ángel. 

Dear Father, these letters were written by the children, youth, teachers and Salesians of Don Bosco Sihanoukville and Don Bosco Kep to the people who would live here in the year 2115, when there will be a celebration for the 300 years of the birth of Saint John Bosco. We don´t know what will become in 100 years more starting for now. But we believe in the love of Don Bosco for us.

Don Ángel placed the box with near 1,000 letters written in Khmer and recommended to Fr. Rodas to assure that it will reach year 2115. The vault is inside the Birth House Monument, a replica of the house of Colle Don Bosco that was built in 2014 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Saint John Bosco. The 2016´s Strenna of the Rector Major, With Jesus, let us journey together in an adventure of the Spirit! will be placed inside too.

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