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By Fr. Jolino Vieira, SDB

       Dili, Timor-Leste, 21 January, 2023 -- The Don Bosco Past Pupils in Timor-Leste organized a general clean-up that was held in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste. The cleaning activities were done at the seaside from Arbiru hotel to the front side of Motael Parish Church and the seaside of Bidau Santa Ana to Motael.

       This general clean-up is realized as a contribution to lessen the escalating global warning that day after day threatens our common home. At the same time it is a re-awakening activity for the people in contributing to a healthy environment.

       This environmental activity is inspired by the Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis, Laudato Si'. This encyclical is a response to the climate emergency that is caused by human negligence in the environment where they live. The encyclical uses Catholic Social Teaching’s way of looking at things, the so called “See-Judge-Act.” There re many suggestions in this encyclical to take care of our common home and make it a beautiful place for today's and tomorrow’s generation. Pope Francis encouraged every human being to change their lifestyle starting with a change of conscience.

       The activities that are contribute to a healthy environment include:

  • Reduce the usage of your electrical appliances.
  • Drive your car less.
  • Maintain a healthy eco system.
  • Reduce usage of chemicals and pesticides.
  • Recycle the waste products.
  • Grow your food locally, etc.

       The cleaning activity was just one of these and so simple but the impact is global. The Don Bosco Green Alliance and other environmental movements around the world are encouraging us to use the 3R’s (Recycle-Reuse-Reduce) principle for a healthy life in the society. The waste management (waste segregation), green campus (in the schools and universities) is encouraged as our contribution to lessen the global warming and at its bad consequences.

       Among those in this green alliance movement: Fr. Anacleto Pires, SDB (the Provincial of the Salesians in the TLS Vice-Province), the Don Bosco Past Pupils resident in Dili, the students of Sts. Peter and Michael School together with their teachers and some people of good will.

       This activity was realized smoothly due to the full support of the national and local authority in Dili, the National Police of Timor-Leste.

       We thank the Don Bosco Past Pupils for this beautiful activity as a concrete manner to show their love and care for our common home as a beautiful preparation for the feast of our Father and founder st. John Bosco to be held on January 31.

       The activity was carried out under the mantra “Don Bosco hadomi ambiente” which means “Don Bosco Loves the environment.”
























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