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DB: Nino Baglieri (+2007)

By EAO 2023 Salesian Family Spirituality Days Team

       EAO, 28 December 2022 -- Some of the most eloquent witnesses to Jesus in Nazareth are members of secular institutes, living their consecrated life within an ordinary family and secular life realities. Servant of God, Antonio (Nino) Baglieri (1951-2007) shines out among the Salesian Family lay witnesses. Living for 38 years as a completely paralyzed person, he made his vocation journey as an ordinary Catholic, faithful to being a committed member of the Don Bosco Secular Institute (CDB - Con Don Bosco). His numerous writings, his moving life story continues as strong encouragement for many young and ordinary people around the world.

       Nino's testimony was part of the 2007 Salesian Family spirituality days in Rome, but after his death we go to know his faith journey through dozens of videos and one biography-movie on YouTube and many printed publications. In these days (Dec 27-30,2022) the CDB members are celebrating their General Assembly. If you would like to know about their vocation, it is recommended you get to know 'Nino Baglieri, CDB' - a great apostle of Joy on the wheelchair. And here is a Prayer for his Beatification:

       We adore you in your mystery as the God of love guide our souls, Shepherd and Father safeguard our life, Son and Redeemer, Holy Spirit, burning bush, inflame our hearts.

       We praise you for the epiphnay of your love in your beloved disciple Nino Baglieri, who following Don Bosco's example took your Cross upon himself loved Jesus in the Eucharist, Mary Help of Christians and the Church and made himself a victim like yourself.

       We bless you for your way of love that urged Nino Baglieri to make such a gift consecrated in the world, in the Salesian family, ahe testified to the joy of Christ to all, to the young and to those who were suffering, so that our life might be more human.

       We thank you for the fruitfulness of your love in the great works of charity that you accomplished in Nino Baglieri to the glory of your name and on our behalf, so that today we may be true Christians and we ask you in all humility: that this exemplary witness to holiness may be recognised by your Church

       Grant through his intercession, the grace that we now ask …, especially our conversion that we may adhere with faith to your truth and do not ever allow us to tire of always doing your will.

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