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2022.04.12 12:04

5794(II)_Women of DBTI honoured

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By Jos Sengi and Nerissa Liliai Walaun
Writers and Media Club, DBTI

       East Boroko, Port Moresby PNG 10 April 2022 --  The men of the Don Bosco Technological community were all game to make the women feel special as part of International Women’s Day on Thursday 10 March 2022.

       The main aim of the celebration was to commemorate International Women’s Day, usually celebrated on 8 March. It was reserved to recognize the achievements of the hard-working women, and their contributions in the society. A day to honour what God aspired to be the true helpers of men, and what society has shunned and oppressed for so long. Women; equal in dignity to men, and the perfect symbol of beauty and love, face many challenges that hinder their personal and social growth.

       As nature would have it, men and their dominance over the workings on this earth, have for some reason created an atmosphere of breeding a biased culture, favouring men and seeing women as their inferior. Women in many ways, however, have proven themselves as equals; in education, sports, profession, leadership, and many more. A United Nations survey estimated that most women in the world today are marginalized, and abused most often in many ways, both in and outside of their homes.

       Traditionally, like every other year, the women of the DBTI walked into the school gym ‘promenade style’ to the song “Appreciate You” by MAGIC! and sat in the centre of the arena as the guys cheered on. The ladies were dressed to impress in formal, Pacific wear and meri blouses according to the theme colours purple, green and white.

       In his opening remarks, Dubana Dubana, a fourth year MFW student commended the women in the school for ‘breaking the bias.’ He also congratulated the girls of the Metal Fabrication and Welding Technology for outplaying the men on an even playing field by winning a welding competition in August last year. The program continued with various performances from the men across the technologies and year levels. The entertainment passed special messages, and taught people valuable lessons on the value of a woman. In between performances, the men sought out after their fellow female course mates and handed over little tokens of appreciation.

       Fourth-year Electrical Student Jimmy Roy and Savio Friends leader, gave an inspirational message urging the women to ‘continue to uphold each other.’ He also called for the men to ‘break the bias’ saying that “behind every successful man is a woman” meant that a man’s success was supported by a mother, sister, aunt or partner. He ended with a powerful quote, “Educate a woman, you educate a nation”- a long standing issue that plagues the country.

       In her presentation, Sr. Carmencita Rodriguez FMA, elaborated more on the message of the International Women’s Day theme- ‘Break the bias’-, furthermore stressing on what bias means. She then described the various programs implemented that support and protect women and children in and around the country.

       Shortly after, Ms. Ruby Matane, guidance counsellor, got the entire gym up on their feet to be part of the Break the Bias movement stance.

       The program concluded with Fr. Roger Miranda, SDB giving the closing remarks about the privilege of attending a Salesaian School that promotes equality. He left the students to appreciate the meaning of working together with equal dignity. In a world where majority dictates who dominates, looking back to see what we missed, or who/what we’ve damaged can help us create a more reproductive and inclusive society, where everyone has a say; for women to do and speak freely without fear of ridicule or oppression, and to be given equal opportunities and treatment as men.










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