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By Don Bosco Past Pupils

       PPDB, World Confederation, 26 November 2021 -- On the first day, 26 November, some 150 registered members of the 2021 General Assembly of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco Confederation are meeting online for 3 hours (GMT+1: Italian time 2:00-5:00 PM). The whole event is streamed LIVE on the YOUTUBE channel 'General Assembly' during the 3 days of 26-27-28 November, also with the participation of the 10th successor of Don Bosco, Fr Angel Fernandez Artime from Valdocco.

       In the opening message Fr. Joan Lluis Playa, SDB - Delegate of the Rector Major, himself a Past Pupil of DB, invited the Assembly to ask the basic question: What kind of Association we would like to promote? And also shares his conviction about spirit of SERVICE:

       ..."All this can be possible only if, as well as journeying together, we develop a profound spirit of service in local Centres or National Federations, and in the Confederation. A service lived as vocation and mission:

  • Service of animation rather than management, that should be at the service of animation.
  • Service on the frontiers, open to situations that interest young people including those beyond the Centres.
  • Service of collaboration and shared responsibility, with educational agencies and the human and spiritual promotion of Salesian works and projects.
  • Service of active presence in professional, cultural, socio-political and religious environment.
  • Service of Salesian spirituality , to be signs of the values that give deep meaning to life.
  • Service in the task of animating and guiding local Centres and national federations, and the Confederation itself in responsible ways, always keeping an eye not on personal interests but on the aims of the Association."

       The official language of the General Assembly is English with simultaneous interpretation to Italian and Spanish language. Don't miss this first historic occasion to follow the Don Bosco Past Pupils World Assembly on Youtube:

       Day 1 (Friday, Nov 26)

- The Opening of the Assembly and Prayer

- Messages of the SDB World Delegate Br Dominic Nam, of the Salesian Family delegate Fr Joan Lluis Playa and the Rector Major

- Explanation of the Program and the Methodology of Online Assembly

- Regional Councilor Reports (Europe, America, Africa, Asia-Oceania)

- National Federation's Reports (Italy, Spain, Malta, ....)

       Day 2 (Saturday, Nov 27)

- The World Presidency reports

# President: Michal Hort

# Treasurer: Bryan Magro

# Sec.General: Peter Kova

- Presentation of the Statutes Amendment Proposals

- Presentation of the World Presidency Candidates

       Day 3 (Sunday, Nov 28)

- Eucharist, Mary Help of Christian Basilica, Valdocco) at 12:30

- Opening prayer

- Preparation for the Presidency Elections

- Voting process

- Preparation for the Statute (amendment) Voting

- Announcement of the New World President

- Talk of the Outgoing President

- Greetings of the new President

- Closing Prayer and Conclusion of the Assembly









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