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2021.11.22 16:57

5733(I)_2021 Salesian Brothers Day

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By Brother Joseph Cheung

       Hong Kong, China, 22 November 2021 -- November 13th, the liturgical Commemoration of Blessed Artemides Zatti, is our traditional day in Salesian China Province to hold the Salesian Brothers Day to celebrate the Religious Brother vocation. The Salesian Brothers gathered at the Salesian Missionary House in Shau Kei Wan for spiritual and fraternal activities. First, His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Zen shared about the meaning of the vocation of Salesian Brothers, their identity as consecrated persons, in a simple and inspiring way.

       After Cardinal Zen's sharing, the Brothers shared their inspiring vocation stories and the various works they have been engaged in over the past years. Among their shared experiences, they found that whether they were working at the front line or in the background, they tried their best to keep and foster the spirit of Don Bosco and utilize their talents fully to accompany the young in various ways. They deepen their understanding of the Salesian Brothers vocation and increase admiration among their confreres.

       Before the end of this grace-filled event, they gathered in the chapel to celebrate the Commemoration of Bl. Artemide Zatti led by His Eminence Cardinal Zen and concelebrated by the Provincial, Fr. Joseph Ng. The Gospel of the day is the parable of the poor widow begging the unrighteous judge to avenge her. In his homily, Fr Provincial encouraged the Brothers to learn from that widow and beg the heavenly Father tirelessly to give us more Salesian Brother vocations.

       Providentially, the Vocation Office held a vocation gathering attended by more than 20 students from various Salesian Family Schools. After the Holy Mass, the students joined the Salesian Brothers and had a Q and A session about the Vocation of Religious Brothers. Fr. Provincial pointed out that each of the Salesian Brothers have different expertise and skills, which can be used to teach students in many ways. The Salesian Congregation takes the formation of the Brothers seriously to equip them according to their talents which can enable them to engage in the work of education and evangelization.

       Time flies quickly. When it was almost dinner time, they enjoyed their sumptuous table fellowship at Wang Jia Sha, a famous Shanghai restaurant. Everyone felt satisfied in body and spirit and set off on their way home with joy and gratefulness. Thank God and all the people who organized this Salesian Brothers’ day!










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