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By Augustine DoPhuc, SDB

       Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 25 August 2021 -- On 15 August 2021, the whole Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. Sharing that joy, the Provincial community (Vietnamese Martyrs community) also congratulated the new rector, Fr Joseph Nguyen Kim Khanh SDB, in the Mass of his confession of faith. He officially accepted the role of rector of the Provincial House.

       The Mass took place simply at the chapel of the Provincial House at 8am. The celebrant of the Mass is Fr provincial Barnaba Le An Phong. In his Homily, he preached that: “Mary is wonderful today because she deserves to be chosen by God. He made her a woman greater than all creation. With her ‘yes’, she truly placed her trust in God’s hands. In a word, for us, Salesian confreres, especially for our new rector, we are called to live like her example, ready to accept the responsibilities entrusted to us by God and the Congregation. Although we know that there will be many trials and difficulties, but let us give them to God and trust in Mary, then we will see the good things God and our Blessed Mary do for us.”

​​​​​​​       After the sermon, Father Joseph Kim Khanh made the profession of faith. Laying his hands on the Bible, he showed his faith and loyalty to God and the Congregation. At the same time, it also describes the meaning of his responsibility, according to the will of God completely.

​​​​​​​       At the end of the Mass, the confreres of the provincial community warmly congratulated the new rector. Let us pray for him in his new mission which entrusted by God and the Congregation. May God and Mary always keep him peaceful in new ways of service of the Congregation.

​​​​​​​       Father Joseph Nguyen Kim Khanh was born on 21/07/1971 in Đăkmil, Đăknong, Vietnam. He made his first profession on 15/08/1998 and perpetual profession on 15/08/2004. He was ordained to the priesthood on 28/07/2007. And he was the rector of prenovitiate community from 08/2018 to 08/2021.














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