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A new 3 year Salesianity Course

By EAO Formation Team

       EAO online, 8 August 2021 -- After a successful first 3 year cycle of Salesianity Workshops (FIN: 2017-2018-2019) the first East Asia - Oceania regional course of Salesianity online for SDB, Salesian Family members and Lay Mission Partners has begun, with the first session on 6 August 2021, guided by Fr Francis Gustilo.

       A total of 109 participants have participated from most of the 12 EAO provinces, traditionally with the largest group from THA province: 21 pastoral and teaching lay mission partners from Thailand and 6 from Cambodia (total of 27).

       The traditional program lasts 3 years (classified as Year A = History, Year B =Pedagogy and Year C = Spirituality), which usually involves studying in the Philippines for 3 weeks per year. But due to the pandemic situation, after a one year (2020) break, this year the new cycle is changed to online learning instead.

       The organizers are grateful to the full support of the SDB provincials with the assistance of Br. Raymond Callo (now in Rome, RMG). This program is an offer of the Institute of Salesian Studies and Spirituality of Don Bosco School of Theology, headed by Fr Francis Gustilo, since 2007.

       Due to the pandemic the expected pilgrimage to the Salesian Holy Places last May 2020 was cancelled, but a new 3 year cycle has started now. The whole program is based on the 'Syllabus of Salesian Studies' (approved by Fr Pascual Chavez and followed by Fr Francesco Cereda, then General councilor for Formation).

       It consists of 20 courses (4 subjects on Salesianity for each stage of formation: Pre-nvoitiate-novitiate-postnovitiate-practical training-theologate. However we clustered them into the larger overarching themes of HISTORY-PEDAGOGY-SPIRITUALITY.

       This charismatically very important course can bring a deeper understanding of and enthusiasm for Salesian identity around the 23 countries of our EAO region.

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  • am nguyen 2021.08.11 09:21

    Dear Gustilo,

    I am Fr. Am Nguyen, sdb, from VN. You know me quite well. I would like to attend the three-year program on Salesianity online. May I? Sorry, I sent you two emails at your used address, still waiting for your reply. Please help me, if possible.


    Am Nguyen

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