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By EAO ADMA Congress
Preparatory Committee

       EAO ADMA, 19 July 2021 -- The long-awaited dream of the second ADMA Congress in the EAO Region is coming closer (11-12 Sept) through the first overall preparatory meeting on last Sunday, 18 July 18 with the participation of 30 members of the wider steering committee.

       The Mary Help of Christians Association (ADMA) is already to be found in large numbers in just three EAO provinces (FIS-FIN: Philippines and TLS: Timor Leste) with almost 80 local groups. Another 11 local ADMA groups have just recently starte' in Hong Kong-1 (CIN), Seoul-Gwangju:2 (KOR), Bangkok: 1(THA), Trai Gao and HCM City: 2 (VIE), Sumba-Jakarta: 2 (INA), Port Moresby-PNG: 2 (PGS), Tokyo: 1(GIA).

       Spiritual Animators (SDB-FMA), 2 SDB provincial delegates for the Salesian Family, one SDB translator (SDB), one IT expert (GEX-past pupil) and 12 ADMA member (including one Aspirant) from 8 EAO provinces took part n the first preparatory meeting. The presence of Sr Aurea, FMA (Indonesia, Sumba-Palla center of ADMA) and Fr Guy Riolo, SDB (Australia, Glenorchy community in Tasmania) was particularly appreciated: Sumba belongs to the EAO internet-frontiers and Tasmania could one day be the first ADMA group in the Australia-Pacific province.

       As for each ADMA Congress, also the 2nd EAO regional congress is open to any member of the Salesian Family. Don't miss this occasion to revive your relationship with Mary, as the first disciple and missionary of Jesus:

       Theme: 'Like Mary we Walk with Jesus'

       Time: September 11-12,2021 (2 hours each day, starting at 8 AM Italy time)

       Venue: Zoom digital platform with translations to EAO languages (LIVE streaming)

       Goals: 1. Strengthen - deepen the ADMA member's identity

2. Assist recently started or starting ADMA centers, especially with younger members

3. Growth in synergy with the world-wide ADMA Association (800+ local centers)

4. Mutually inspire each other with personal and community ADMA experience

       During the two days of the ADMA EAO Congress some 20 videos contributed by each country members will be shared : welcoming dance, prayers, goodnight, ADMA life sharing, animated Rosary. Two key talks with following questions and answers will be delivered by Fr. Alejandro Guevara, SDB (World spiritual animator) and Mr Renato Valera (leader of Turin-Valdocco ADMA group). At the end of each 2 hrs long program the registered members are invited to join smaller language based group sharing.

       There are many expectations from this EAO ADMA Congress, as underlined Fr Joseph Phuoc (EAO SDB regional councillor) in this final remarks: "We would like to accompany especially the starting ADMA groups around the region and we expect also a growth of deeper charismatic identity among the ADMA members. As each international event, also this EAO Congress is not so much important as celebration, but in the preparatory phase - we try involve more new members and other groups of the Salesian Family."
































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