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20210328_AUL-(1).jpgBy Michael Gartland

       Melbourne, Australia, 26 March 2021 -- At the behest of the Australasian Catholic Press Association, Fr Frank Freeman SDB, Editor of the Australian Salesian Bulletin has spent the past 15 years investigating the extensive history of the Catholic media in the Australasian region, after it was discovered that its extensive archives had been lost.

       This extensive research project saw him contact many people, libraries and other historical organizations around the world as he sought to fill the gaps. The fruits of this effort have been three volumes, the first a historical overview of the Catholic Press in Australia, the second a collection of historical documents and the third, which Fr Frank Refers to as “the jewel in the crown”.

       This “jewel in the crown” is a spiritual handbook, aimed at providing guidance and spiritual nourishment for all those who find the Catholic media to be their vocation. Complimentary copies of the book are now being offered in print to any who may be interested in receiving a copy, however donations to help cover publication costs will be most gratefully appreciated. The book is also available online from the resources section of the Australia-Pacific provincial website.

       “Some years ago, I was a part of an animated conversation as to the role and vocation of a Catholic writer and journalist” Frank recalls, as he explains the motivation for volume three. “One opinion was that it was simply a job, to pay off the mortgage and the kids’ school fees.”

       “Taken aback, most participants of the conversation grew quiet. That was until one much more experienced journalist explained how much he had grown since transferring from the secular media to a religious publication. He spoke about them as growth years; the Catholic Media had been a great boon to their confidence in their own spiritual, cultural, and personal identities – and it was this conversation that gave birth to the idea of a formative handbook for the Catholic Media”.

       This handbook, which features the patron saint of Journalists, St Francis De Sales on the front cover, seeks to explain to everyone who works in the Catholic media the dignity of their vocation and their own special spirituality. It helps share some of the background of the patrons of Catholic Media and includes suitable prayers relevant to this profession and gives a special emphasis to the patron saint of publishers & editors, Don Bosco.

       Another key inclusion is the chapter wherein words of encouragement from several authors who have had rich journalistic careers working as members of the Catholic Media, as well as explaining their passion for their vocation. These authors are from around the Australasian region and feature a piece written by Fr Frank himself, as well as Fr Ambrose Pereira SDB, a prolific writer and avid formator of Salesian Media projects from the Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands province.

       The Australia-Pacific province would now like to offer copies of this great book to be sent to fellow Salesians working within the Catholic Media. It is hoped that the great spirituality and formative guidance offered in this book will be of value to all those who work in the Catholic Media.

       For further information and to place orders for books, please contact us here







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  • C.M.Paul 2021.03.29 08:44

    Congratulations Fr Frank. Cheers to all Salesian Media practitioners.

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