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By our own correspondent

       Czech Republic, 19 February 2021 -- Each one of the 11,000 Salesians who were sent as missionaries ad gentes since 1875 left a precious heritage in his homeland as well in his mission land. And Fr. John Med, Czech Salesian missionary in India (1924 - 2011) is no exception. A good model for any province to treasure the memory of their 'legendary' missionaries.

       This year his home province, where he is not very well known, launched the 'Fr Med Year' on the provincial website and the Salesians in India (from South in Chennai to the North East in Dimapur) treasure his memory through his numerous song books, personal testimonials, two published biographies and few videos available on the YouTube channel.

       Each month the Czech province offers one aspect and story from his life on this website: January - A Priest on the scooter, friend of the poor, February - His name is John (childhood and family). March continues. In this way with many documents, photos and short videos the wide public can understand the missionary vocation and life of one Salesian who left his homeland some 80 years ago.

       At present there are not too many senior missionaries left within the 12 EAO provinces, so it's a good opportunity to treasure their Salesian missionary vocation stories, have them speak out, record their sharing for the motivation of present young and future Salesian generations.

       The year of Fr. John Med - monthly story-telling (By Czech Salesian NGO: SADBA)









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