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By our correspondent

       RMG, 4 February 2021 -- The Giving of the Missionary Cross and send-off ceremony of the 151st missionary expedition scheduled in September 2020 was tentatively postponed to Easter. However, the recent spread of multiple variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 has prolonged our uncertain situation. In the meantime some missionaries have already received their visa to their mission.

       To enable missionaries to depart for their assigned mission, in the evening of February 1, 2021 the Rector Major blessed the missionary crosses in a simple ceremony in the Chapel of the Sede Centrale (Generalate) in Rome. It was then given to some missionaries representing the members of the 151st missionary expedition.

       In the coming days, the missionary cross will be sent by special mail to the Provincials of the departing missionaries. The Provincials are asked to organise a simple ceremony during the Eucharist where the missionary cross is given to the departing missionary confrere in the name of the Rector Major. After that, the missionary confrere can already leave for his destination as soon as health protocols permit. The Orientation Course for new missionaries will be organised later in a different way.

       Our EAO Region is sending 7 SDB missionaries to other parts of the Congregation: 4 from VIE, 2 from INA and 1 from CIN Provinces. At the same time it will also welcome 11 SDB missionaries: 3 to CIN, 3 to PGS and 2 to GIA. The FMA Provinces of Korea, Timor l'Este, the Philippines and Vietnam each have 1 sister in this missionary expedition. The sisters will receive their missionary destination in due time from Mother Yvonne Reungoat.

       This Missionary Send-Off is extraordinary indeed, nevertheless animated with the same fervour and joy that has animated all missionary expeditions. In the meantime, the preparatory process for choosing the members of the 152 missionary expedition in September 2021 has begun!




Blessing of Missionary cross 1 feb 2021 Sede Centrale Rome


FMA Madre Mass Blessing of Missionary Cross 1 Feb 2021 Rome


Mass Blessing of Missionary Cross 1 Feb 2021 Rome



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