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By Br. Dominic Nam, SDB

Rome, 11 December 2021 -- At present some 5000 Salesian Family members worldwide are registered for the 39th Salesian Family Spirituality Days - first online edition, to be held from 15-17 January 2021: 'MOVED BY HOPE'. Among them are also more than 1000 SF members from East Asia-Oceania (EAO) region, representing 15 different groups and all 12 EAO provinces and 6 delegations.

The second and last preparatory meeting was held on 8 January 8 (Fri) involving 40 members from all but one of the EAO's 12 provinces (including 4 SDB provincials & a viceprovincial). The complete 60-member steering committee is connected via WhatsApp group and EAO-Salesian Family 2021 FB page. Most of this working encounter was focused on the smooth preparation of EAO Regional and Province level encounters, with a short and strong spiritual animation by Fr. Joan Lluis Playa. The RM's Delegate for the Salesian Family invites everyone to experience the true family spirit of Don Bosco's family over these days and be energized by this strong spiritual moment.

For the World Level of the Spirituality Days (Jan 15-17)

Each day two hours) the participants are invited to connect to the ANS Facebook page (LIVE broadcasting in 5 languages - ENGLISH included - is available)

EAO Regional Level of the Spirituality Days (Jan 15-16)

Two hour program with simultaneous translation into 9 EAO languages (zoom platform) is available. In most of the EAO provinces

There will be small or bigger groups watching a larger screen (formation houses, Salesian family in the same city)

Province (or Delegation) Level of the SF Spirituality Days (Jan 15-16)

Each province is taking charge of the digital platform and smaller group sharing (10 person-online). E.g. for the 600 Filipino participants some 50 groups are being prepared, or for the 150 Korean participants some 10 groups are ready. For each of these two group sharing are ready the guiding questions: First day on the impact of the numerous Strenna related videos and testimonials (what struck - impressed - challenged you?) and the second day on some possible joint SF action in the respective local or province territory.

There are many creative 'solutions' reported by the different SF provincial delegates, combining the off line and online participation. Although the registration deadline is over, there is still chance to communicate with the respective province SF delegates.

Online registered EAO members: AUL 10+, CIN 20+, FIN+FIS 560, GIA 30, INA 40+, KOR 140+, MYM 30, PGS 10, THA 60+, TLS 70+, VIE 40+, Cambodia 20+, Pakistan 6+ and Mongolia 10 - a total of more than 1000 Salesian family participants including also SYM and Lay mission partners.

May the Strenna 2021 'Moved by Hope' move us closer to each other and also towards concrete actions of solidarity!

For those interested, all information is available on the EAO Spirituality Days FB page

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