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By our own correspondent

RMG, Rome, 19 December 2020 -- the 'Salesian Family Spirituality Days have been held almost every year since 1973, with just a few exceptions and one short break around the year 2000. This event is held around the Rector Major and his Strenna, in either Rome or Valdocco. Until now each one of the 38 SF Spirituality Days has brought together some 300-400 participants for 3-4 days. The Main goal of these 4 days is to explore the annual Rector Major's Strenna (testimonials, open forum, talk with possibility of dialogue, group workshops, prayer moments). Especially since January 2018 Valdocco as the venue has been very much appreciated. The whole event is prepared by the World Advisory Council of the Salesian Family (32 groups) with a steering group around the RM's delegate for the Salesian Family.

Usually among the 400 participants there have been only very few EAO Salesian family members: aside from the most faithful folk from the Caritas Sisters of Jesus (General Council with one delegate from each province), there have been only the SIHM Sisters (Thailand) on a few occasions, SDBs from Japan or Thailand and eventually some EAO students in Italy. During the last 10 years the live streaming of the main events has improved a lot. On the ANS Facebook page it has been possible to follow each day main events in Italian - Spanish and English.

But the 2020 pandemic restrictions has now produced a new opportunity with many un-explored dynamics. Simply - anybody around the world with access to the internet may take part in the 2021 SF Spirituality Days. Wow! What is the 2021, January 15-17 online event about?

The Rector Major will be at Valdocco (Turin) during the 3 days in January 2021. Any of the 90 SDB provinces grouped in 7 Regions are invited to also participate through members of any of the 32 Groups of the Salesian Family in their provinces. And EAO region is no exception - since last week the EAO regional councilor with the EAO coordinators for SC and Salesian Family are launching channels of preparation for a fruitful participation (online).

SFSD 20210: Moved by Hope (RM's Strenna)

Available resources (Boscolink, ANS,

RM - Strenna 2021 presentation (August 2020)

RM - Strenna 2021 video (all major EAO languages, 26 December 2020

RM - Strenna 2021 commentary (January 2021)









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  • vaclav 2020.12.21 00:05


    SFSD 2021: Three levels of virtual event


    World level - each day 2 hours 30 minutes LIVE from Valdocco 

     (starts at 8 PM Manila time: GMT+8) platform  


    Jan15 (Fri):   8 PM Manila time

                         Opening session, prayer, presentation of the 2021 Strenna by RM and talk

    Jan16 (Sat):  8 PM Manila time

                          Don Albera 100 years anniversary, Presentation of 6 SF groups (e.g. Caritas Sisters of Jesus); Regional workshop presentation: EAO 3 min)

    Jan 17 (Sun): 7:15 PM Manila time 

                          Eucharist and Conclusion (Rector Major presides in the Mary Help of Christians Basilica )


    Regional level - each day 2 hours  30 minutes 'zoom' meeting among the 16 SF groups present in the EAO

       (digital platform is provided by the EAO-SC coordinator, FB pages for preparation set up)


    Jan 15 (Fri):  3 PM Manila time: GMT+8 (2 hours 30 minutes)

                             Welcome among the EAO participants, 

                             Valdocco Casa Don Bosco virtual visit, 

                             Testimonials (SYM - Youth, Persecuted Christians-Pakistan)

                             Group workshop - part one: Based on the Testimonies - about significant motivations for hope in the SF

                             Prayer, Goodnight

    Jan 16 (Sat):  3 PM Manila time: GMT+8 (2 hours 30 minutes)

                             Welcome - Initial prayer

                             Video testimonials (FMA - RD Congo, Bishop Cognata - SOSC: Oblates)

                             Group workshop - part two (focus on the 'Summary of Salesian Hope')

                             Get know each other: presentation of all 16 SF groups present in the EAO Region

    Jan 17 (Sun): 6 PM Manila time: GMT+8 (1 hour)

                          EAO regional evaluation - sharing (60 minutes)

                          Then EAO joins the World level with Rector Major, Eucharist LIVE from Valdocco (7:15 PM)


    Province level - depends on each province to organize (during or after the SF 2021 Days)



    The Central Coordination team of the SF Spirituality days (Delegate of the RM, Fr. Joan Lluis Playa) with one EAO Salesian (Br Dominic Nam) is happy invite all 16 groups of the Salesian Family present in the EAO region (SDB, FMA, Salesian Cooperators, Don Bosco Past Pupils, FMA Past Pupils, ADMA, VDB, CDB, Michaelites - CSMA, Caritas Sisters of Jesus, SIHM Sisters, SAL Sisters, DQM and SQM members, Missionary Sisters of MHC and Damas Salesianas) to join at any level. The SDB provincial delegates for the Salesian Family are the point of reference for registration and smooth preparation of this special event.


    As of now a WhatsApp group (EAO SF 2021 Spirit Days) open for all EAO Salesian Family members is already open and the FB fan page for the SF EAO days 2021 is ready. Welcome!



  • SF Spir Days 2021-1 news-page-001.jpg

    SF Spir Days 2021-1 news-page-002.jpg

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