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(Province Delegates for Mission Animation)

By EAO Mission Animation Desk

EAO, 21 November 2020 -- Headed by Fr Alfred Maravilla, the General Councillor for the Missions, all 17 participants from almost all of 12 EAO provinces and 4 delegations have just concluded the three-day EAO-PDMA Online Meeting that brought together the following venues thanks to technology : Australia, Cambodia, China-Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Rome-Italy. The meeting was animated by members of the Missions Sector in Rome: Mr Marco Fulgaro, Fr Pavel Zenisek, Fr George Menamparampil (MC) and our EAO Regional Councillor, Fr Joseph Nguyen Thinh Phuoc. Among participants also present was lay mission partner - mission animation delegate, Ms Lauren Hichabaa from Australia. Some delegates were absent due to health reasons.

Thanks to EAO Coordinator Fr Arvin Abatayo, both veteran and neophyte Provincial Delegates for Missionary Animation had the chance to share, learn and compare their experiences. The meeting was loaded with 'heavy' words and phrases, such as:


Passion to make Jesus known.

Life Witness as Initial Proclamation.
Receiving and sending Salesian missionaries.
Receiving and sending Salesian Missionary Volunteers.
A place does not make a person a missionary but a missionary heart does.

These were enriched by the straightforward sharing of life in their territories with varied stories of success, challenges, questions, hopes and resolve to move forward together. We were reminded of the legacy of the first missionary expedition in 1875 and invited to look forward to celebrating the 150th anniversary in 2025. It's not only a chance to express our gratitude for many Salesian missionaries but also a great opportunity to renew our commitment of making Jesus known by every people and nation – a great opportunity for MISSION ANIMATION!

For those who are interested, but were not able to participate in this online meeting, most of the written contributions are available on the Boscolink website, like Province (delegation) missionary animation reports 2020 or How to use the animation materials (Salesian Mission Day). All participants are grateful to the EAO Coordinator Fr Arvin Abatayo for his proactive and preventive way of preparation and animation of the whole meeting!

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