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By Leslie Mou Brown
Don Bosco Past Pupil

Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea, 24 June 2020 -- Thank you for those who represented us all and turned up for the Mass on 24 2020, at 5:30pm for the Rosary followed by Mass. In this Past Pupils 150 Years celebration, we must continue our activities of organizing ourselves and strive to make sure we engage more Past Pupils as we can and fruitfully ensure that our involvement and commitment to our group gives justice to the common goal we have and that is to be true to our groups Visions and what it stands for especially through the teachings and conviction from our Alma Mater.

Even though the Notice yesterday was short, it was amazing to see a lot of you turn up. I sincerely thank everyone who came by. In a special way we also thank Fr. Alex, Fr Ariel Macatangay, Fr Ambrose Pereira and Fr Gilbert Engokia for their support and presence as well as the assistance from Mr Moris Godfrey.

Our participation and reunion with the Group must start from our hearts. It must be the conviction that each one of us have in Our integral part of being a Bosconian and the Good Values we hold dear to our hearts and try to establish in our way of life. It is through that conviction that we can use as basis of our involvement in this beautiful Group. Many of us are outside Port Moresby and PNG and showing a lot of support and we are grateful, once we start our activities and fundraising and accomplish some of our tasks, we will still update you all and share with you all the goodness that comes with it.

The group is diverse and we continue to grow in numbers and its overwhelming to realize the force we can become if all put our minds together in achieving a goal and I personally believe we can do any good we want, especially helping our young students, the institution, the community and our own Families and friends.

I must admit that life is tough and most of you are working and residing around the towns, villages, suburbs and places where you do not have constant and regular experiences of similar activities, gatherings and opportunities like what we usually encounter here in DBTI. What we can be proud of is the Matter of fact that we all know that we are born for greater things and Don Bosco really wants us to be in the Communities to effect change, whether it be our immediate family, our colleagues, our neighbors, our community or contribution to the different sectors in our Society. Whatever it is be vigilant and be upright in all of our encounters and do know that we all are bounded by the grace of God and the spirituality of our Father and Teacher of youth Saint John Bosco.

Our country seems to be going downhill and bulk of the Population discriminates, becoming anti-nationalist and spread a lot of hatred and pin point persons who are in positions responsible. It is time we Bosconians do what we are good at and not be bystanders, puppets of corrupt regimes, followers but be the initiators and be servant leaders and show true stewardship of our welfare in society and instill good values in the things we do.

Be youthful, enthusiastic and enjoy the Little life that we have and show the world how beautiful Life can be. Me gat bilip lo wanwan yumi stap lo hia, yumi wok bung, helpim yumi yet na wanem hap u stap, wok hard na soim gutpla pasin na shine lo wanem hap u stap lo em. Toktok yumi toktok but life m sot so yumi ol Bosconians mas organize na wok na soim trupla pasin.

I wish you all well in your Life, your Job, your Family and we also pay respects to those you had gone and we pray for those who are sick, in trouble and facing hardships at this time. Be steadfast and strive. Bikman bai blessim yupla olgeta wanwan. Me bilip olsem wanpla gutpla day bai yumi holim gut displa kantri na soim trupla na gutpla way blo wokim samting.


  • Facebook page: DBTI Bosconians

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