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World Communication Day, 24 May 2020 -- Pope Francis in his Message for the 54th World Communication Day (Ascension Sunday, May 24, 2020) suggests the theme of storytelling. He encourages us to share stories that build up, not tear down. Pope Francis wants us to share stories that help us rediscover our roots and the strength we need to move forward together. Five points of Pope Francis' Message are simple and inspire for our action:

(1) Weaving stories - stories influence our lives, they shape our convictions or behaviour.

(2) Not all stories are good stories - some use storytelling for domination, violence or abuse.
(3) The Story of stories - Bible shows us God who is both Creator and Narrator. We are called to re-count and commit to the most significant episodes.
(4) An ever renewed story - the history of Christ is our story, shows us the deep concern of God for His mankind.
(5) A story that renews us - as we read the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit is free to write in our hearts.

Over the last 3 months we have witnessed a strong revival of many different elements of the digital culture around the world and also in the Salesian family: there are frequent Zoom meetings of Provincial councils, daily school class online is taking place, daily prayers and Mass is shared and also the typical 'Goodnight' or 'Goodmornings' are flooding the internet, Salesian Youth Movement held its month-long retreat online, too. And also many senior citizens have discovered for the first time the wonders of Facebook or other social media.

Within the EAO region, provinces takes a special place the most consistent quality sharing of 48 Goodnights (so far!) During the last 50 days the FIS province SALVO (Salesian Lay Volunteers) has featured daily 5 minute Goodnight talks on it SALVO-FIS YouTube channel. They are short, simple, deeply Salesian, involving religious and lay, senior and young, based on many personal stories sharing.

SALVO-FIS Goodnights strike your attention through daily consistent sharing of simple 5 minute talks and the variety of those who have shared during the past almost two months. There are Salesian Bishops (Bacolod-Philippines and Lashio-Maynmar), Salesian Priests and Brothers, Salesian Cooperators and Don Bosco Alumni, Lay mission partners and youth animators, SDB provincials and FMA Sisters. By country source you can find the sharing from the Philippines, Myanmar, Italy, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Syria or India. Since most of the contents are strongly influenced by the present pandemic crisis, you may be inspired.

We believe, that Pope Francis would be happy listening to (or watching) the FIS-SALVO Goodnights!

Salamat - Keep on sharing!

  • World Communication Day 2020 - Message of Pope Francis: "That you may tell your children..." (Ex 10,2) - Life becomes history

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