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2020.04.30 11:48

5364(III)_“Grace Upon Grace”

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Two local Pakistani confreres take important steps

By Fr Noble Lal sdb

Don Bosco Learning Center, Quetta, Pakistan, 30 April 2020 -- How do we grasp the meaning of this beautiful word GRACE? There's no amount of good deeds we can do, and there's no magic prayer we can pray, that will guarantee we receive grace. We receive grace, not because we deserve it, but because our Almighty God is very bountiful to bestow on us as a gift out of Love. Grace isn't just something we receive; it's also something in our will to give. In the early verses of the book of Genesis, it says that we are created in God's image. So, If it's the nature of God to give grace, then it's our nature, as well. We are most like God when we are being graceful to one another.

On 25 April, our Salesian Community was blessed blessed with a new Rector, Rev. Fr. Samuel Adnan Ghouri SDB. He received his new obedience from the superiors after the departure of Fr Joel Juaro,SDB former rector and a Filipino Missionary to Quetta Pakistan. Our Quetta Community is very grateful to both of these Salesians who have dedicated themselves for the good and betterment of Pakistani Youth following in the footsteps of Don Bosco under the guidance of Holy Spirit and Mary.

Furthermore, another grace-filled event took place on 26 April, when Cl. Faraz Masih,SDB renewed his Religious profession. Both of these events took place in front of His Excellency Bp. Victor and a few of the Faithful.

Often times we tend to find grace in extraordinary events of life, however, Grace is always there, waiting to happen. Grace is very patient. It takes its time and allows us ample time to cherish the graces with which God blesses us. Of course, when He gives, He gives so that we could do good for others. Keeping the Graces to ourselves is not the right use, sharing it with others for building a better community is.

Let us offer some prayers for Fr. Sami, SDB who has accepted a very huge responsibility that God may give him courage and strength, so that he could serve Him by serving and saving souls.

God bless us.



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