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Our best celebration is to take care of the poor around us

By Fr. Samuel Yoo Myeong-il
SC delegate

Seoul, Korea, 13 January 2020 -- The Eucharist on the 10th anniversary of Fr John Lee 's death (1962-2010) was celebrated in the Salesian High School, Gwangju on 12 January at 11 a.m. at which the Archbishop of Gwangju, Higino KIM Hee-jung (Don Bosco Past Pupil) was the main celebrant. Concelebrating were the Gwangju Auxiliary Bishop Simon OK Hyun-jin, Daejon Bishop Lazaro YOO Hong-shik and twenty other Salesian and diocesan priests.

The Eucharist saw the involvement of some 400 Catholic, Protestant and Buddhist faithful who came together from all corners of South Korea in order to remember the Salesian Missionary and continue his legacy to serve the poor and share the Gospel.

Archbishop Kim Hee-jung emphasized in his homily, "Imitate the love and spirit of sharing, witnessed by Father Lee Tae-seok, who dedicated his life to his poorest neighbour after the example of Jesus." In particular, John Mayen (Inje University Medical School), a former student of Father Lee Tae-seok, who studied abroad in South Sudanese Tonj, also attended, presenting a memorial service to Father Lee Tae-seok and his appreciation for him. John Mayen will soon be an intern doctor. After the Mass, the participants visited the Damyang Catholic cemetery and offered prayers at the grave of Fr. John Lee.

Father Lee Tae-suk was sent to Tonj in South Sudan in June 2001 as a Salesian missionary. While dreaming of friends, educators, doctors, and priests for young people and poor neighbours of Tonj, he returned on a family visit to Korea as usual in November 2008, and received a health checkup. He was diagnosed with late stage colorectal cancer and died on 14 January 2010 at Seoul St Mary's Hospital.

The memorial Mass on 12 January was celebrated on Sunday, while the Salesian community in Tonj - South Sudan will offer the memorial mass on the 14th (death anniversary date) and on the other hand, the 'Fr Tae-seok Lee Memorial Hall' will be opened in Busan City, Seo-gu Ward on the same day.


Youtube videos (By Catholic Social Communication, South Korea):

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