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2020 - a new gift from God to share

By Fr. Vaclav Klement
EAO Regional Councilor 2014-2020

EAO, 1 January 2020 -- While we celebrate the Anno Domini – AD 2020 year, the Buddhist Calendar writes year 2563, the Islamic Calendar year 1440, the Chinese calendar 4716, the Korean calendar 4352, the Javanese calendar 1952 and in the East Asia region this year the ‘’Year of the Rat” – Lunar New Year falls on 25 January 2020.

The United Nations (WHO) has declared 2020 as the ‘International Year of Nurse and Midwife’ in memory of the 200th birthday anniversary of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910, pioneer of modern nursing). During the 366 days of this year (February 29!) the 2020 Summer Olympics (July 24 – August 9) will also be held in Tokyo, Japan.

Some countries within the EAO region are probably waiting for the 2020 visit of Pope Francis, like Timor Leste (TLS) and Papua New Guinea (PGS) and the Catholic Church in the Philippines is entering immediate preparations for the 500th anniversary of evangelization (1521-2021) with this year's focus on ‘Ecumenism, Inter-religious dialogue and Indigenous people’, while Cardinal Louis Antonio Tagle has been appointed as the new Head of Propaganda Fide (Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples). And in October 2020, the Catholic community of Australia will gather, for the first time since Vatican II, in its' Plenary Council to become a more 'Christ-centered Church'.

As with every New Year timetable 2020 AD offers the Congregation many occasions for common growth of the Salesian Charism, especially through the General Chapter 28, to be held in Turin – Valdocco around the question ‘What kind of Salesians for the young people of today?’ The 2020 Strenna of the Rector Major, ‘Good Christians and Upright Citizens’ invites us to the essentials of our education – evangelization and brings together also the 150th anniversary of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco (1870-2020) who began with the annual gratitude feast around Don Bosco on 24 June. Also the Salesian liturgical calendar 2020 helps us to become more Christ-like people, in the company of our Salesian Family Saints.

This year also offers a good opportunity for encounter with all General Councillors for the sectors:

  • The EAO Provincials (and delegates) have an opportunityt to meet together during the GC28
  • The EAO Formation delegates are ready to meet in Vietnam (November 2020)
  • The EAO provincial delegates for YM, Soc.Com, Missions and Salesian Family will meet in November 2020
  • The Provincial Economers plan to meet next August 2020

There are precious ongoing formation occasions for other specific groups of confreres:

  • Jan 16-19: Turin – 38th Salesian Family Spirituality Days with the Rector Major
  • Feb 16-Apr 4: Turin – 28th SDB General Chapter
  • Mar 15-Apr 5: Manila, Batulao (FIN) Salesianity course – SDB and Lay people (First year of a new 3 year cycle)
  • Oct 22: Parañaque (FIN) Parañaque formation Curatorium in Paranaque
  • Oct 20: Cebu (FIS) Canlubang-Lawaan Curatorium in Cebu
  • Oct 23: Manila (FIN) EAO Sector Coordinators meeting with regional councilor in Manila
  • Sep 1-27: Rome – Turin: New missionary course for the 151st Salesian missionary expedition

During the 2020 two main groups of the Salesian Family celebrate their EAO Regional Congress

  • 10th EAO Congress of the Salesian Cooperators, Xuan Loc, Vietnam (July 23-26)
  • 12th EAO Congress of the Don Bosco Alumni, Chofu-Tokyo, Japan (Dec 4-6)

Each of the 366 days in this new year 2020 is a gift from God. We are sure, that God who became man is journeying with us in all the events of each day of this new year. We pray for the peace all around the world, especially in the war thorn countries.....

Happy and Joyful New Year 2020!

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  • fr ding sdb 2020.01.04 22:06

    I will share it in our Province. Very informative. 

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